29 mars 2012

Ford 1932 - A 80 year old car - My Roadster

To Celebrate this 80 year old car,I Have to get out of the closet.
I have bought myself a 1932 Ford Roadster!

Right now it sits in a pile of parts, hidden in the states waiting to get home to me here in Sweden.

It needs alot of attention but it is an original ,one of 10.612 DeLuxe Roadsters ever made!

Its fantastic, this is a car thats been popular for 80 years and you can still find a car today in 2012.

Here is some info of the car:

In March 1932, Henry Ford introduced the first low-cost V8 engine ever produced. Bringing out a pioneering eight-cylinder low-priced car was a bold move in the midst of the most severe economic depression the nation had ever endured. But Henry Ford was determined to build a mass-produced V8, and the world was ready for it.
There would be 212,000 Model 18 Ford engines produced in 1932 and that was only the beginning.
Edsel Ford, Henry's son, styled the 1932 Ford car. This one-year-only model bore a marked resemblance to the Lincoln of the same year. Generations of car enthusiasts have admired the handsome, clean lines of the 1932 Ford. The Model B, with a 4-cylinder engine, was also available in 1932. Combined production of the Fours and V8s totaled just a bit more than 250,000 cars. Ironically, what would become one of the most desired Fords ever was originally one of the lowest production models ever.

28 mars 2012

Come play with us

This must have been a normal day at work for Hitler.

27 mars 2012

Fjus BSA Chopper

My brother Fjus has found himself a new ride.
Let me introduce Angel for you.

This untouched 1953 BSA chopper is built here in Sweden in the mid 70´s
It has not been on the road since 1984!
Check out the wicked paint job.

Right now he´s working on get it road worthy again. More to come soon.

26 mars 2012

Lincoln Zephyr Gears

Hell yeah!
Got me not one but two sets of LZ gears one 25 tooth set and one 26 tooth set.
Now I have to decide what transmission houseing I want to use. I think I will use a late 1938 house (78) for the 25 tooth gears.

A couple of years ago I had a set of 26 tooth gears in my 28/32 roadster and lost 7 or 9 teeths , so I had to replace teh LZ gears with a normal 28. This summer will be way much better. LZ gears ,new engine, Thickstun heads and rebuilt 32 rear end!

Looking forward to this summer. Alot of driving my Hotrod.

25 mars 2012

Do you think this guy got happy neighbours?

At least he does not need to buy a lawnmover!

24 mars 2012

Cromed VL springer OR Black RL springer

Fuck, I have some problems.
I can´t decide what look´s best on my bike.
shall I use a cromed VL springer fork? Or a black RL springer fork??

To much? Can you get to much chrome on a chopper??

Alternative 3 is RL black rear leg with VL front leg with chromed castings and painted legs with cromed springer springs...

Help me out here.

21 mars 2012

It´s a Chopper Baby!

Today I took down my -49 pan that has been a wall hanger for a while.

Not that much parts missing now, but I still need some more small parts.
I dont know what handlebar I want, any ideas??

20 mars 2012

1949 Panhead Chopper Engine

I am a sucker for old chromed parts.

At last I got my super sweet chromed 1937 knuckle cam cover for my pan.
This cover has been on a pan chopper before but has been on a shelf for 35 years waiting for me to get it back on a chopper.

Now I have all the patina cromed parts I wanted for it. just have to fill the inside now. so if anyone out there has a 4½" stroke crank and cam gears let me know!

Also need to find a cromed rotor dummy cover for my oil pump!

I just had to put the engine parts I have together to just enjoy them. I kind of like it!

Email me if you have anything I need.

19 mars 2012

I Think That Hurts..

This is what happens when you drive the shit out of your what I think it is a 1928 Chevy roadster and cant handle it!

18 mars 2012

Hot Stuff

Ford 427 sohc

The 427 SOHC was virtually built by hand, and was initially intended for stock car racing. The addition of hemispherical chambers and overhead cams transformed the 427 wedge into a very serious powerplant. Factory ratings were 615 hp @ 7000 rpm with a single 4-barrel, and 657 hp @ 7500 with dual carburetors. The engines weigh 680 lbs.

17 mars 2012

VL / Flathead Chopper

Found this super good looking flathead Harley engine in a VL frame somewhere on internet. Damn good flow in this bike!

Looking forward to start working on my VL project.
Maybe I should use a flathead engine instead of a knuckle.. I dont know.. But that project have to wait a few more years..

15 mars 2012

Cadillac 1949 Sedanette for sale

Text made by Pekka "wizzard" 10 years ago

After engine compartment was restored.

Engine restored

Before I restored engine compartment

Time to sell of one of my rides.
I have had this car for more then 10 years and you can drive it anywhere.
I used to have this as my daily driver for a few years.
It has a newer heart from GM , a 1984 camaro highoutput 305 cui csb. edelbrock rpm cam shaft and restored heads and +.30 overbore. Transmission is a TH2004R 4 speed with lock up. 0,76 overdrive and 3:36 original cadillac rear end.
This car has really good economy on gas and very reliable.

New front windshield and rubber, tires are good. got 12 Volt system.

More Info? pics? Phone#?

Email me: Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

14 mars 2012

1939 Mercury Convertible

Last weekend I was away and looked at a 1940 Mercury Convertible. It needs alot of work but I was interested in buying it, I just need to sell my 1949 Cadillac sedanette first.

On the way back home I stoped by my pal Clas Vingren, I have showed you his unrestored 1949 panhead earlier.

He´s working on a 1939 Merury convertible, 1 of 7 sold new in sweden!

Clas is a very serious metal crafts man , he has done alot of work on this car before he could Kustomize it. Almoust everything is done to the body, just need a small chop before he can make the padded carson top for it.

Here are some pics , more to come when work is in progress!

12 mars 2012

8000 rpm Tachometer

Bought this sweet 8000 rpm mechanical tach made by Stewart Warner. I am a huge fan of the back mount gauges. or I am a fan of any SW 30-40´s gauges! Tachometers are sweet stuff!

This one even had a home made bracket to mount on a steering column!

I think I will use this one in my 29/32 Pheaton.
The others are for my cars as well.

9 mars 2012

Knucklehead Dragbike

Super cool Knucklehead in VL frame dragbike.