29 feb. 2012

The castle run

Check it out if you wanna go to Denmark in may!

28 feb. 2012

White Ribbed Bates & Lee Pedal

Hell yeah , More parts for my chopper. Thanks to my buddy Nicke Svenson who let me buy these parts from him to my bike.

Nicke, You are the man!

Just love the patina on both parts.
The ribbed Bates saddle is just as worned as a they should be! and the Original Lee clutch pedal is a killer to.

The pile is getting bigger and bigger. And more parts is on the way for my -49 panhead chopper. Need to find some worn cromed upsweps and some short mufflers any one out there who has some laying around?

Email me at: flatheadroadster@gmail.com

27 feb. 2012

Mercury Wedding

Last sathurday my good friend Ronnie got married to his lovley girl Caroline.
whats better to use if not his own unrestored 1950 Mercury Monteray , one of 800 ever made!

Congrats buddy! it was a nice weeding and a great party!

24 feb. 2012

Traffic Violator

The cops actually had Traffic Violator stickers to put on cars back in the days..

Im planning to remake these stickers!

Luxary 1936 Pheaton

Where are you know? I want you in my garage.

23 feb. 2012

Just another Friday in Corners garage

Last weekend was the Moon eyes biks show in Avesta. During Friday night we hooked up a bunch of people at Corners garage for a hangaround with beer and good company.

There is new stuff to see every damn time I go inside that garage.

You allways get dubble happiness when you enter that mans house not just a package of cigarettes. Real happiness.
Thank´s for that Corner.

21 feb. 2012

Live to ride

ride to live.
..A way of life.

Picture taken in Corners garage.

20 feb. 2012

Moon Bike Show 2012 pics

This weekend was the Moon eyes bike show in Avesta/Sweden.
we where a gang of people who filled a trailer with our bikes and hit the road.

It was Me , Mathias from LeBeef Kustom metal works , James from Custom´s from Jamesville and his buddy Lau from Denmark.'

I brought my 1949 panhead bobber , Beef took his 1951 panshowel and James brought 2 bikes, a customers shovel and his own -64 panhead.

We came up to a awsome building, a old factory where they made metal in the late 1800´s.
we packed up our things for the sathurdays show.
The pics itself tells the story.