30 apr. 2012

An Era Has Ended.

She is gone. My sweet old 1949 Cadillac sedanette has a new owner.
a couple of days ago a guy called me and wanted to buy her.
we came along for a price and he took the bus to Gothenburg the day after.

I just happend so fast. And now she is gone.

The good thing was that the new proud owner Tomas, wanted to keep her as she is.
Yeah she is worth a restoration but, there are plenty of cars in "better then new shape" everywhere.

I will I miss that car. I had her for more then 10 years.
But hey, I miss everything I sell.

Note to Martin:
In the future. Dont sell anything.

25 apr. 2012

Awsome Knuckle Chopper

A picture says more then 1000 words.

24 apr. 2012

Roth Trike

Love this old photo of Ed Big Daddy Roth on his trike!

Rest in peace Big Daddy.

22 apr. 2012

Harley Wall Hanger

Found this old Harley hanging on a wall at Mother Freaks MC during their swap a while ago.

20 apr. 2012

Happy b day

Today its 123rd bithday of Adolf.
happy b day retard.

19 apr. 2012

Pimp my Pheaton

I have pimped my ride.
I cut and angled the windshield stanchions back a little and got them painted as well as the outline black on the body and put on a set of 40-48 beauty rings.
I really wanted to chop the windshield and stanchions, but when you are as tall as I am I need the hight of the glass.

Not that much left to do on the car.
I have to make a dash panel for the temp and oil pressure gauges bolted to the steering column and a set of shock absorbers in the front.
And of course a new interior...the plan is to take the car to Oslo to my buddys in Coupe Devils Hotrod bonanza! I hope I will make it.

18 apr. 2012

Hummer Tank

Found this old patina hummer tank on the wall in one of my friends garage. I think I need that one.

15 apr. 2012

Chromed Chopper

I really love this old pan chopper. Wonder if it still lives today?

13 apr. 2012

Cadillac 1949 photoshoot

Yesterday me and my bro Hampus took a ride in my 1949 Cadillac for a photo shoot.
I found an old church up on a steep hill as a nice background.

I needed to take a good old memory pic of my car as it´s out for sale.

As allways, Hampus is super skilled and did a great job!

You can see more how it was done and other pics at: http://www.abacrombie.se/

12 apr. 2012

Roadster in flames

This is not how I want to end up with my roadster...

11 apr. 2012


My pal Lau in Denmark has open a new store in the middle of Copenhagen.

He´s got a grand opening the 26th of may. I hope I can be there that day with a beer in my hand.

Check out his new blog at: www.motorious.dk

10 apr. 2012

Spekeröd mc swapmeet 2012

Just want to remind you all that it is Spekeröds Swapmeet this sathurday.

See you all there!

9 apr. 2012


Why dont I own a slingshot...I want one.

8 apr. 2012

Insane Knuckle/VL bike

Check out this insane bike.. must be a japanese dude who makes something this extreme?!

4 apr. 2012

Maiden Voyage with the 29/32 Pheaton

hell yeah , I took out the -29 pheaton on it´s maiden voyage.

It felt soo damn good to hear the 221 cui flathead roam on the way out of my garage for the first time.

I took a spin around the building and it all went well the -39 juice brakes worked well and lots of power in the flathead v8. I made its first burnout! 8 meters of black stripes in the asphalt. She´gonna be a hell of a good car to ride this summer.

All I have to do know is remake a new floor and subframe under the rear seat, after that she is ready to use in traffic.

Alot of my toys are comming out this summer:

*28/32 roadster with new engine and lincoln zephyr transmission.
*29/32 pheaton all new built car.
*49 panhead bobber. all she need is the beltdrive...
*49 panhead chopper. my old chromed bastard.

It should be a good season this year!

2 apr. 2012

Eye See You Sissybar

When I was about 4-5 years old and was playing with my grandpa in his house,all of a sudden he said " wait a few seconds Martin.
He turned around and poped out his porcline eye and put it in his hand and showed me it!
He scared the hell out of me that day.

What 4 year old wanna see his grandpa with his own eye in his hand??

My grandpa is dead since many years now but my grandma still has one of his porcline eyes at home I allway wanted to do somthing with that eye. so my grandpa could follow with me on my rides.

My buddy Le Beef made this sweet sissybar a few years ago for a knucklehead chopper.
I had a plan to let Beef make me a sissy for my chromed chopper. But I had the idea with the eye so I remebered that he had made this one.
I called Nicke svensson, the owner of the knucklehead and he let me buy it!
So now Im gonna replace the eye to my grandpa´s so he can "keep an eye on me" when im riding my bike.

1 apr. 2012

Ryans -48 Panhead

My buddy Ryan from Ohio owns this awsome Pan.

He is like me a sucker for old chromed Harley parts.

check out the original 1948 gas tanks chromed back in the 50´s on the east coast.

Love your bike man, keep it running strong, Im looking forward to see your next project.

a VL/Knuckle bike with my old J29 supercharger in it!