29 nov. 2012

Pedro's 45 Harley Chopper

I went by a friends garage to day.

He was in the middle of changing springer frontends.
He raked the frame last year and run an original lenght springer. Now it was time to change to a 5"over springer from he's -51 panhead.

This is what that 45 needed!
It looks damn good now brother!

25 nov. 2012

Stu Hillborn Replica For Sale

My good friend Pinge owns a well built replica of Stu Hillborns streamliner. A car that he has up for sale now. I curse my self , I dont have any money to buy it!! I want it , I dont know why but its a car with so much history and is a such good looking vehicle. Pinge let me take it out on a ride during Dusters time trivel meet in august. Awsome car to drive. It feels like 200mph when you drive 50! If someone out there have some money leftover to buy this beauty, send an email to Pinge. Hes adress is: plattan32@gmail.com

23 nov. 2012

It's friday

I just got of work. Graveyard plays in the speakers.
Chopper AEE catalog from 1972  in my lap. Drinking cold beer from the guys at W&W in Germany. Its friday and Im in my garage and just enjoy what i like most. My hotrods and motor cycles.

Today life is good!

20 nov. 2012

What I Want For Christmas

Today my girlfriend asked me what I wanted for christmas. I showed her this photo of a remote control... I have to sleep in my car tonight. Note to self: Dont be honest with christmas wishes.

19 nov. 2012

Flathead on the sidewalk

I am a little curious what the hell happend here. A smashed up shoebox Ford and the 8ba flathead is sitting on the street with its weiand highrise intake still there and one carb missing! I wish someone had any info about this picture. But i guess its lost in time.

17 nov. 2012

Alcohol - True words.

It is sathurday night and its time to get drunk.

full scedule tonight. First some wrestling  , then garage party at the boys on Ringön.
See ya later dudes.

15 nov. 2012

King of Choppers

Ed Roth, king of choppers.

What would we have done witout choppers magazine!

14 nov. 2012

Peter Pan , The Old Man And The Hobo.

I spent a week in Grantville, Pa with my friend Zach Zuhr during the Hershey swapmeet.

We where walking all day long at the swap and had bbq and beer at his garage at night.
Not much sleep during that week, way to much tire kickin and hotrod talking.
But we had a blast in Zach garage!

Thursday night , my awsome old friend Brucie Aydelotte should show up but he didnt.
He fell a sleep at his motel instead... But!   he came the day after and we had to immortalize that day with this picture.

Zachs wife was laughing and called us  Peter pan , the old man and the hobo.

I guess she was right..  But I just see  buddy´s 4 life.

11 nov. 2012

Getting my 1932 roadster home. Part I

My roadster was picked up yester day.
Or my roadster woodie.
Most of the body is made of wood at the moment. I have the rest of the body parts in that box.
Its hard to pic up a car in parts in america.
Atleast when you need to ship it home to sweden.
The first picture showes a chaos in my penske truck where I stached the car in parts.
Then me and my dad made it to a roller and built that crate for all the parts , goood to have for all parts I bought for it at Hershey! It was a high high boy before we loaded the rest of the parts..

A trailer took the car away from my buddy  Zachs yard yesterday and brought it to New Jersey.
I hope it will survive home. No more storms at the east coast now, thank you.
So now Im just waiting to hear when they gonna ship it out and I guess I will have the roadster in Sweden in the beginning of year 2013!
Nearly 1 year after I bought it!

Thanks for all the help Zach. I could not have done it without your help.

10 nov. 2012

Headache Free Beer

Its sathurday and Im sitting infront of my computer and drinking alot of beer.
This picture pops by and I had to laugh. Properly aged. No headache.
Headache free beer?? That must be alcohol free beer. Right??
Or did they have a secret recipe back in the days?
Maybe they lived in the golden age back then..

6 nov. 2012

Nothing you see everyday

How often do you see a plane sitting on its nose like this one??

4 nov. 2012

1932 Ford Roadster Gasser

Remember the days when you raced your real Henry 32 roadster with a full blown hemi. To day most of them are trailer queens. Hell of a nice ride.