30 dec. 2010

Martins chopper project

Today I made a quick mockup of some leftovers in my garage. These leftovers will be a start for my chopper. Now Im looking for a any title before 1957 and a Panhead or knucklehead engine. Let me know what you got out there.

28 dec. 2010

1947 knucklehead transmission

What the hell is wrong with people?? Why pay 3100$ on ebay for this? The world has gone insane. Knucklefuckers.

27 dec. 2010

Trailer Trash

Oh yeah, Picked up a 1934 21 bolt flattie and a 1949 panhead frame in my barn this chistmas.
I had this flathead with polished oem Ford aluminum heads in my 1932 tudor a couple of years ago.I will use it in my project Pheaton.
The panhead frame will be a start for my chopper. I will send it to Tobbe so he can convert it from wishbone to straightleg.

25 dec. 2010

Boardtracker 1922

Freddy Fretwell on his Harley boardtracker in 1922.
Also look at the rare Model T center door in the background.

22 dec. 2010

Old times: paperboys

Paperboys hanging on 1932 Ford.
Picture is taken in Jackson Ohio 1936

21 dec. 2010

Flathead Ford Hop Up parts

Thickstun heads , Scintilla dual magneto , edelbrock intake on my 99T flathead block.

20 dec. 2010

Panhead 5 inch stroker

Totte and his Knucklekiller at Devils peak 2009

19 dec. 2010

Panhead porn

More Panhead porn. Fuckin hell, I love my motorcycle. Soon Ill be riding her..soon.

Panhead 1949 FL engine

Finally after a long long waiting I got back my panhead engine from restoration.
I let my good old friend John aka Duracell from Speed Inc. do the work.
By the way, would you let this clown restore your engine??
I did.
He have done a fantastic job. Thanks man, I ow you one.

17 dec. 2010

Ford 1932 5 window coupe

My old friend Ronnie have found him self a new hotrod project. This 5 window with chopped top will soon arrive in sweden. Im sure he knows how to get it back on the road filled with flathead goodies. Damn you man, damn you!! I also want a 1932 5 window.

16 dec. 2010

Old times: Buick Wheelie

Making a wheelie is nothing new. Roy repp made wheelies with his Buick. This picture taken in 1915 , New York

Flathead block acid dipped

Had my flathead block for acid dipping here in Gothenburg. It looks brand new after the treatment. Finally I can start build a new hop up engine to my roadster.

This is a old hotrod engine from a 40 Ford De Luxe coupe. built in late 50´s as a hot rod. The car it self came to sweden in early 1980´s and someone stole the heads and intake from it. I traded this engine and everything else from that chassie for a chevy smallblock 307. I think that was a good deal!
When I took the engine apart I saw it was a 1940 99T block filled with Jahns pop up pistons , a Weber F 5 cam , johnson adjustable lifters and relieved.
Somewhere here in sweden there is a set of useless machined heads exept if you have pop up pistons...I wonder where they are...

Hopefully after the I have taken it to the machine shop for resurfacing I can start rebuild this motor so it will roar this summer. more to come.

14 dec. 2010

Flathead chopper

Sibbans new flathead chopper in bare metal.

13 dec. 2010

12 dec. 2010

Roadster dash

My -28 Roadster dash. All you need: tachometer , speedo , scintilla ign lock , oil pressure, water temp and fuel hand pump.

Le Beef custom metal works

I went over to Le beef for a short visit and a cup of coffe to look at his new cool Dodge 108 van.

Peter & Biffen is working on the midcontrols, handlebars and later on discussion where the fender should be and how to make the sissy on Lindas chopper.

Linda was griding parts for her new chopper. But what the hell, how do you work orderly with these nails?!

Le Beef is doing the metal work on Johans -28 Ford pick up. You can follow this project on juxtapod blog. damn nice car with diffrent ideas!

9 dec. 2010

Harley saddle bags

Had a pair of saddle bags for sale. They are now in sold to my pal in France.
They fits really good on your flathead Yvon!

8 dec. 2010

Mr.Erixons Flathead Bobber

Håkan Erixons flathead harley on Old style weekend 2010

6 dec. 2010

Another night at Sissy bar.

Good friends in a good place. This is karma.