28 maj 2013

The Mystery Box

Today  it finally arrived!

 The monent of truth... open the Mystery box....what can it be inside.
 Its a flathead V8! a 59L   factory relieved 100 hp engine for my roadster!

 268 Cui flathead balanced , bored 0,125 over  with 1500 miles on it since rebuilt. 
 Another moment of truth... what the hell is under the Offenhauser heads.
Decked block and sleeved cylinders.  adjustable lifters ,LZ springs stainless valves.
 Looks like its runs as good as a flathead should!
It was a good deal!  And not even pricy to fly home to sweden from Alabama.
took 4 days to get it here.

It seems like I can get one of my cars running pretty soon...

more to come..

19 maj 2013

Dusters playground Borlänge

Last weekend I took a ride north to leave my Halibrand quickchange to Johan Djurberg for restoration.

Took the  rest of the weekend of to my brothers in borlänge to see whats going on.

Mike and Ronnie put me into work while they where working on Mikes new project a 1928 AR roadster on a 32 frame!
We had to do an engine swap.
Ronnie wanted the 100hp flathead out of his 32 roadster ....and I helped him putting it in the car a year ago.

He needed that engine in his 40 Merc instead and the 21 bold LB engine I borrowed last year when my engine broke down back in his 32 roadster.  we had a good night spending time doing what we do best.

Build hotrods and drinking beer.

18 maj 2013

1937 U flathead

You can come a long way with a tape swaztika.

16 maj 2013

1940 Ford convertible kustom

This Nice as belongs to a member of Hammers in Sweden.

damn I like this car!

14 maj 2013

Ford Swapmeet

Dont forget the Early  Ford V8 club sweden´s swapmeet in Högsta 1st of june 2013!

See you all there.

13 maj 2013

Full Moon Party At The Coupe Devils Garage

Last weekend I went to Norway for a swapmeet and to meet up my friends in Coupe Devils.

the swap sucked as. It rained all day and everyone had cover their tables.

After the swapmeet I hooked up with Terje and we was looking in hi´s 2 garages.

He is working on a 32 3w from south africa! and just bought himself a 34 roadster thats been trough a fire... need some tlc.

Later on Sondre and olav met up with us. we drove to Sondres house for some bbq and beer drinking in hi´s new house.
Damn nice place bro!

After a while we took a cab down to the coupe devils garage. Tom and Lisa was allready there.
It was a party all night long , we even manage to take a cab  downtown to see a band playing (Skogen brinner)  and drink some more beer.

later on we went back to the garage.

I think the pic´s tells the rest of the story for the night.

We had such a blast!!