17 mars 2012

VL / Flathead Chopper

Found this super good looking flathead Harley engine in a VL frame somewhere on internet. Damn good flow in this bike!

Looking forward to start working on my VL project.
Maybe I should use a flathead engine instead of a knuckle.. I dont know.. But that project have to wait a few more years..

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi, the angle of the picture make for a deceiving looking frame, but it's a 1947 45" WL in a stock WL frame. It was built by Wes White from four aces. I have 1942 ul cases and 36 vl cylinders that I would love to put in a vl frame. I think the best looking motorcycle based on a VL frame is the knucklehead. two of my fav are Max Schaff BF3 and Mox's from vise crew. Good luck on your build. Fred

  2. hey man thank you.

    I know.. I noticed that later as did other people. I is still a damn good looking bike even if it is a 45!

    Fred, maybe its better you sell me those UL cases for my vl project!