27 mars 2012

Fjus BSA Chopper

My brother Fjus has found himself a new ride.
Let me introduce Angel for you.

This untouched 1953 BSA chopper is built here in Sweden in the mid 70´s
It has not been on the road since 1984!
Check out the wicked paint job.

Right now he´s working on get it road worthy again. More to come soon.

3 kommentarer:

  1. super cool one!! they do not get any better!!

  2. Wow! Talk about the right guy on the right bike...they must have seen Fjus in a crystalball back in the 70's or is it true that Fjus is 420 years old? They must been drinking thinner before they painted, super fucking wicked!

  3. Oliver : yeah man its a fantastic bike! Cool that you still can find them.

    David i guess you are the sissyboy! We all know fjus is atleast 427 years young and will live for eternity. wicked bike as hell!