28 sep. 2012

Useless Carburators.

Finally, someone has found out a what to do with these useless Holly 94 carbs.

You need:

a Holly 94. Add a light bulb , some wireing , old gaslines and an aircleaner.


And you got your self a set of odd looking lamp to give your grandma for birthday!

27 sep. 2012


This is not an experience you want!!

Check out the front clip of the 1955 chevy. Thats the power of a human body and a chopper.

The corpse is still warm on the asphalt when this picture was shot.

I hope thats never gonna happen to me or my friends.

26 sep. 2012

Old Bike Swap Meet, This Weekend

It is time to fill your trunk with that leftover parts or what the hell you have on your shelfs.

Bring out the good parts, the cool shit you need for your own bike. Sell and have no regrets!

See you all there this sathurday  29 september.

More info: call 0733 39 47 96

25 sep. 2012

Harley Yard Art

Nice old Harley 45 in someones yard.

24 sep. 2012

Back in Business

Fuck yeah!
Today I got my new camera! This is the replacement for the camera some fucker stole in august at A-Bombers Old Style Weekend.
The retard that stole it: I fucking hate you. You took my pics away from LeBeef 3 year anniversary and OSW.
If I ever find out who you are. Hide.
This camera will not be stolen.

Time is runnig away , tomorrow its 1 week left until I leave Sweden for my trip to US & A.
Now I can document the hole trip with my Canon 5D Mark III And film in HD quality!

Swap meet at hershey, pick up my 1932 roadster in Fort Dodge, New York , tire kickin in LA, Hotrod Reunion in Bakersfield and way more shit to see during the days that may pass by.

Like I said. Im back in business! No more shity smartphone pics.

23 sep. 2012

Sofia Hogs

Sofia Hogs. Choppers in sweden since 1968!

20 sep. 2012

This isnt what you see everyday

How often do you think a 1955 Chevy hits a rino?

19 sep. 2012

17 sep. 2012

My Trailer Queens

Fuck this summer.
The Swedish summer sucks, it rains all the time and I am a poor guy who cant afford to buy a Ford with a roof. Both my cars are open. I get wet all the time.

And both of my flatheads has crashed.
My 40 merc engine in the roadster had its crank cracked in half and I had to borrow a 1936 21 bolt from my brother Ronnie. But I had to trail it back home to Gothenburg.

My 1936 21 bolt flathead in my pheaton got a bearing sound that I dont like on the way home from the Hop Upers swapmeet last weekend. Ended up on a trailer this weekend.

Both my roadster and my Pheaton has been on a trailer this summer.
I dont like it at all.

The only thing that makes it feel better is that Im going to the US & A in 2 weeks to bring home my Henry 32 roadster!

16 sep. 2012

Panhead Engine

I love panheads

Im looking forward to start working on my 1949 engine this winther.

13 sep. 2012

Engine Repair Price List

I dont want to end up at this shop..

11 sep. 2012

Panhead Swastika CamCover

Really nice done with a Kidney cam cover.

Wish I had one.

10 sep. 2012

Rusty HotRod Roadster

Back in the days like 10 years ago, you could find alot of cool stuff on Ebay.

Like this old rusty hotrod.

I wish it could tell the story.
A 1929 roadster body with chopped windshield on a 32 frame.
Look at the original Auburn dash and instrument cluster. 1940 deluxe steering wheel.
I looks like i had a radio once as the antenna is still on the cowl.
I think this was a very nice car back in its haydays.

Does anyone know what happend with this car? Who bought it? I remember it sold on ebay.
Does anyone know what tail lights it has??

Is it under restoration? or is just sitting somewhere?

If anyone knows, send me an email to: Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

or else:

Rust In Peace.

9 sep. 2012

Corvette Stingray Boat

Finally someone found out what to do with a fiberglass car.
Add more fiberglass and you got your self a boat!

They are useless on the road maybe it works better on water?

7 sep. 2012

Hop Upers Swapmeet 2012

See you all there tomorrow!

5 sep. 2012

Panhead Hillclimber

Kenny going up up up with his early panhead.

4 sep. 2012

Forgotten Hop uped Flathead

I wonder where This Hotrod engine has been? what car was it used in? How many horsepower? What camshaft? Relieved? What ignition?

To many questions and we will never get any answers.

But it does have a nice set of Edelbrock blockletter heads and home built headers!

3 sep. 2012

Most Exellent Handle Bars

Such good looking SS bars on a bike.

2 sep. 2012