30 sep. 2010

Shades of gray

Me and Paulie on our way to a rainy Old style weekend 2010.

27 sep. 2010

Mr Magnetozoo´s new knucklehead

Paulies jolly ride is soon ready for its first breath.

25 sep. 2010

1951 Harley Davidson saddle bags

Up for sale:
Anyone in need of nice pair panhead saddlebags?
contact me if you want more pics or info.

24 sep. 2010

1936 Ford for sale

My friend Mercury Mike has a -36 Ford 5w coupe for sale. Contact me if you want to know more.

23 sep. 2010

Hampus Triumph 750

My pal Hampus Triumph chopper. I built this bike for him in 5 days with some help of 3 crates of beer 2 liters of thinner and no sleep.

22 sep. 2010

3 speed Flathead Transmission

Some smart dude in America modified this chevy 3 speed tranny which is a side shift original,but know it has a Ford -39 gear shifter on it. Tada!!
Now its a top loader! Just get a adapter from wilco and you got a bullet proof transmission for your Ford flathead V8. Much sheaper then bying a -37 la salle tranny like I did.

21 sep. 2010

HotRod Toys

Who does´nt want to grow up as a race car driver or a hotrodder, when you got toys like this as a kid..I want one!!

15 sep. 2010

Aluminum kick

Wanted to buy this old kick pedal on ebay a couple of days ago. I set my reserv pretty high, I really wanted it and it wanted me. I didnt get it. But who´s fucki´n pay 360$ for a broken kick pedal?? INSANE.

14 sep. 2010

Bill Burke Belly tank

Burke's first belly tank lakester was built in 1946, made from a 165 gallon used on the Navy corsair just like the ones he'd seen during the war. Designed with the engine in front and a bicycle seat on the drive shaft to sit as low as possible
Burke ran the car in 1946, reaching a speed of 131.96 mph. 1947 he built a new one from a larger P-38 Lightning.

11 sep. 2010

Monroe Springer shock

Found a Monroe springer shock for my panhead today at Hop Upers swap

10 sep. 2010

HOP UPers swap meet 2010

See you there tomorrow morning!

8 sep. 2010

Back in business

O yeah! everything is assebled again and in working order. took a test run today and the new transmission seems to work nice.

7 sep. 2010

Mission Transmission

Newbuilt 28 tooth -39 transmission is back in K-member and the flathead is also bolted in. Test run tomorrow.

6 sep. 2010

What really grind my gears

After yesterdays defeat I started to rebuild a new -39 tranny with ford 28 tooth gears and one back up -39 with 29 tooth gears. One might be for sale.
Now I will get to Hop upers swap meet with my roadster on saturday.

5 sep. 2010

Lincoln Zephyr gears R.I.P

3 days ago I took my roadster for a last run before I was going through my -39 tranny after the hillclimb at Devils peak ,A bombers 2010. Yes of course I blew the lincoln zepyr 26 tooth gears on that run. F U C K. I took out the tranny yesterday and this is what I saw...

Rest In very small Pieces.