15 mars 2012

Cadillac 1949 Sedanette for sale

Text made by Pekka "wizzard" 10 years ago

After engine compartment was restored.

Engine restored

Before I restored engine compartment

Time to sell of one of my rides.
I have had this car for more then 10 years and you can drive it anywhere.
I used to have this as my daily driver for a few years.
It has a newer heart from GM , a 1984 camaro highoutput 305 cui csb. edelbrock rpm cam shaft and restored heads and +.30 overbore. Transmission is a TH2004R 4 speed with lock up. 0,76 overdrive and 3:36 original cadillac rear end.
This car has really good economy on gas and very reliable.

New front windshield and rubber, tires are good. got 12 Volt system.

More Info? pics? Phone#?

Email me: Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

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