22 aug. 2013

OldBike SwapMeet 2013 Flyer

Dont forget to go to Falköping for a good swapmeet!

See ya all there.

21 aug. 2013

Kustomrama - Lynwood Blog

My buddy Olav Kvipt , the youngest of the Norwegian Kustom brothers and very good friends of mine has moved to Lynwood california.

Follow this dude on his adventure at:


Good luck bro and send me some pics of your work at Brad Masterson!!

14 aug. 2013

Chrome Chopper

Whats the thing with old chromed panheads ?? Why am I  such a sucker for them?
Chrome is so damn good looking when it gets old.

Its time to start working on my own chromed panhead pretty soon....

13 aug. 2013

Ford 1932 Original Instruction Book

Yeah, most of you know Im a 1932 Ford freak.

the other day an original V8 instruction book came by mail from the states.

S U P E R condition of the book and it even was in its original envelope as it came from the factory!

I think im one of the first persons to even open up the book. its mint and unread.

Fun to find good 81 years old parts now and then!