25 okt. 2011


All you need: A skateboard, your motorcycle and an open road to nowhere.

24 okt. 2011

Uncle Hitler Wants You

Das fatherland Über alles.
Found this picture out of an old Easy rider from 1979!

20 okt. 2011

How to drive the hell out of your 1932-34 Ford coupe

This is the style to destroy your 3 and 5 window coupes at the best way.
Full throttle and have fun!

19 okt. 2011

Captain Chaos

Found this old pic of Fjus on my computer. I think it is from 2008 or 2009 Old style weekend.
he was drunk, walking around in 40´s swedish military longjohns , boots and a mexican wrestlingmask.

You drunk fuck!

18 okt. 2011

Knuckle on the loose

If you cant handle it. Drop it.
Super sweet old pic of a knucklehead hillclimber.

17 okt. 2011

Harley Hillclimbers

Good old pics from the past.

13 okt. 2011

Sidewinders SCTA original 40´s club plaque

I just love ebay!
You allways find cool stuff you cant afford.
Sometimes you dont care if you cant buy it , you just got to have it.
Like this old 40´s Sidewinders club plaque.
You got to dig this patina.
Im not a member of the Sidewinders, I will never use it, just hold it in my hand time to time , or just keep it in some of my shelfs in the garage!

12 okt. 2011

Hildebrandt Lasalle to Ford flathead bellhousing

Yeah! I have bought myself a new transmission to my roadster.
last year I had a Lincoln Zephyr gears but they got broken. 9 teeths fell of!

Now I have a regular 1939 flathead transmission , but that sucks.
My new project is a 1937 Cadillac LaSalle one year only allready converted to fit in a 1932 Ford frame. I first found the tranny , and as usual it is hard to find them,its harder to find a bellhousing that fits Ford flathead V8. I found one at ebay a couple of weeks ago. A real Hildebrandt!

I got in the mail a day ago. Now I only have to wait for my tranny to get home from
US and A. It still sits in my friend Zach Suhrs garage. Next season will be way much interesting.

9 okt. 2011

Chopped 47 Ford coupe

Was out on a garage adventure yesterday.
I visit a guy named Stefan and looked at his new chopped 47 Ford coupe.
He had bought this nice 1948 Cadillac grille from a friend of mine a month earlier.

Stefan had start to make the grill fit into his custom ride.
Damn, these grills do look better here then on the original car!

I hope to see this car out on the road next summer.

6 okt. 2011

Hermes 1926 race bicycle

My old garage mate Palle has restored this beautiful Hermes Race bike from 1926.
check out these awsome real wooden rims!

You have done a super restoration here man. Im looking forward to see ya race on it!

4 okt. 2011

Rebels in the past.

God bless the knucklehead....and America.

This is the way to go to school. In a slingshot! Kids was way cooler in the 50´s.

3 okt. 2011

Brucie hot roddin with the vikings

Brucie the super kind american hotrodder I met at the OSW 2011 sent me this picture of him self. He has a very nice t-shirt. Read on it.