31 mars 2011

Knucklehead EL 1939

Found this super nice 1939 EL Knucklehead on ebay. Its still over 46 hours left and reserve not met at 42750$. Thats shitloads of money, but hey its my favorite knuckle.I need one.

30 mars 2011

choppermikkos earlyshovel and knucklehead

PigFukkerMikko got two sweet rides.
Im gonna get more and better pics next time I visit the dump of sweden.Örebro.

29 mars 2011

Juxtapod vernissage

W O W. Im speachless.
These guys have made an fantastic job on this model a pick up.
Johan, LeBeef, Blaster and Ludwig. You fukkin rock! I salute you all.
Look at these pictures, this is culture!
The Juxtapod stands at Röhsska museum here in Gothenburg, come take a look at it and just see what the craftsmen of sweden can do.

28 mars 2011

Stewart warner mechanical tachometer 1939

Chistmas came early this year!
Today I got my Tachometer for my -29 Pheaton ,Im trying not to parts newer then 1939 in this project. This 5 inch tach is dated june 1939.
Now Im waiting for my SW tachdrive to come home.

27 mars 2011

Full speed Model A roadster

Here is a cool kid and his 1931 Ford roadster. Looks like his car is the fastest around the dirt track. Take a look at his bumberbars!
I wonder if it runs a hop uped 4 banger? I wish it does.

26 mars 2011

panhead hillclimber

Found some old pics when Totte built his panhead hillclimber.
I have to visit him again and take some new photos. Fukkin awsome bike.

24 mars 2011

Trublpruf Tires

Once upon a time, they thought massive rubber tires was the real deal.
here is one company , Lambert tire Co. They made these Trublepruf tires in the 20´s.
I dont think many of these tires are left to day.

23 mars 2011

cleve - weld/general jumbo & Michelin Rims

Got these odd wheels in my collection of wierd Ford related parts.

Cleve-weld or more known as the general jumbo.

General Jumbo Wheels 1930's Balloon Tires were introduced in the early thirties.
All the major tire manufacturers offered their version of the tires. General Tire Co. called them Jumbos... "General Jumbo" is the most well known version of the "Balloon Tires"

Firestone and Goodyear use model names "Air Wheel" and "Air Balloon". The wheel that General Tire Company used was produced by Cleveland Welding and the wheel was stamped with the identifying mark, Cleve Weld. Kelsey Hayes, Clark Equipment, and a number of other companies manufactured wheels for other tire companies. They were offered as a package, wheel/tire combination from the tire companies.

I think my wheels are from BF Goodrich.

A Couple of days a got these wierd Michelin rims.
they are stamped made in france ,Michelin very odd looking wheel.
I havent found any info about them yet but as soon as I get it I will put it up here.
If you got any info email me at Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

The coolest thing about these 2 sets of rims is they all have 5,5x5 Ford bolt pattern!

22 mars 2011

Project pheaton exaust system

A couple of days ago I got my engine back from my friend Andreas. He has restored my valves and seats and put everything back in the engine block.
Very nice work, thanks man!

Today I built a new exaust system. not much left to do on my chassie now.
Tomorrow Ill start with the rearshock mounts and if I got time, Ill drive over to Fjus and let him weld my 1932 aluminum oil pan. then I can start polish the oilpan and heads.
Alot is done , much is left. We will see if I have it ready until hot rod bonaza in norway.

21 mars 2011

African Chopper

I dont know what to say about this picture.. WTF?

20 mars 2011

1932 ford chassie

My pal Lars Erik is building himself a chassie for his -29 roadster
its a very nice original -32 frame with oem front crossmember,K-member and model a rear crossmember.
Engine is a 1941 flathead and tranny is a -35. 1940 brakes all the way round.
This will be a bitchin car when it hits the streets. We will be a big group of -28/-32 roadsters here in sweden this summer. Maybe we should meet up and have some beer and enjoy the view.

18 mars 2011

Nude helmets

Who the hell wants a helmet like this?? I want one!!

17 mars 2011

Fat knuckle rider

If you got to many knuckleheads, give one to your fatest friend and see if he can handle the same trix as this dude!

15 mars 2011

Roy Desbrow´s 1932 Ford pick up

Here´s a awsome hot rod built in the early 50´s.
Words are from the article of Hot rod Magazine january 1952:

During the day, Roy Desbrow works at Mitchell's Muffler Shop in Pasadena, Calif. but in his spare time he works on his 1932 chopped and channeled Ford pick-up. Roy's friend, Tom Noel, formerly the owner of custom body shop in Kansas City but now in the army, did much of the body work while on a recent furlough.
The car was built for the general utility with occasional trips in mind. The first of these trips was to the recent Bonneville Nationals, via Yellowstone National Park.

Roy's pickup has been channeled 5 1/2 inches, chopped 4 inches. It's paint, by Tom Noel, is a '50 Merc cream.

Pickup bed is covered with tarp;sides are lined with heavy plywood. Rear tires are 8.20x15; fronts are 6.70x15.

3 3/8 by 4 1/8 inch Merc block has Winfield cam, is ported and relieved; will soon be equiped with heads, manifold.

Front bumper is '41 Ford. Lights are sealed beam. Grille, shell are chopped just below pan between frame horns.

Woven nylon upholstering and gray mohair headlining by Bob Lee. Seat cushions are solid, shaped, foam rubber.

Front axle, spindles are '41 Lincoln. '41 Ford wishbone is split, strapped to frame. Car has swaybar at front end.

Car has Mitchell headers, dual fiberglass packed mufflers. Brakes are '41 Lincoln. '40 Ford rear end has 3.78s.

'48 Lincoln overdrive and transmission with column shift were installed by cutting driveshaft and torque tube. Steering gear is tubular; rear engine support is 3 inch channel. 1932 pedal assembly is used. Radiator core is honeycomb type.