31 dec. 2011


- Where the hell did my wheel go???

30 dec. 2011


No words needed.

29 dec. 2011

Coffee at Corner Part 2

Corner is building this flathead chopper and will soon be up for sale. I am a big fan of flathead engines. I dont care if they got 1 cylinder or 16. As long as it has the valves in the right place I´m happy.

In another corner of Corners garage stands another flathead, a 1937. I just love the patina. Corner was mumbling something about it will not be a bobber it will just look like it lost some parts... You are not allowed to talk about bobbers in his chopper garage. If you do you know it has to "stävjas".(restrain)

28 dec. 2011

Un chop a 1932 roadster top

Last weekend I spent time travel to some of my buddys in Dalarna in Sweden.

I spent the best sunday in years at Ron´s plays. We drank beer and spent a hole day in his garage. We rised the top irons he chopped to much some days earlier for he´s original 1932 roadster.
The top irons was to low so the hole top was leaning back, so I helped him rise it up 1 3/16 inches.

What is better to spend time talking shit and and cutting in real Henry Ford steel for a whole day?? Not much.

Thanks bro for a nice weekend.

27 dec. 2011

Coffee at Corner Part 1

This weekend I spent some time travel around in Dalarna in sweden.To visit some good old friends and see whats going on in their crypts.
I invited myself on coffee to Thomas aka Hörnet(Corner) to see what he´s up to.
This guy allways has something new going on in his garage. In a corner(ofcourse) I found this old -38 knucklehead chopper. You got to love the mouldings on this one. It sits just right. Corner, do we see you running it this summer?

24 dec. 2011

Happy Birthday Fucker

Merry X-mas to you all.

21 dec. 2011

Flathead Bobber

Took these pics in Stockholm a month ago. Really liked the exaustpipes on the "wrong" side!

20 dec. 2011

Ford 1932 aluminum oil pan

I Found this old original 1932 Ford oil pan in Norway a year ago.
It was cracked and very badly welded.
Brought it to my welder, Fjus. He always know how to fix these old aluminum parts.
I cut out the bad parts and let him do the welding. After many hours of welding it was in one piece again.

I do now understand why they only had this aluminum pan 1 year in 1932. it was to week.

But it had been cracked over the starter and was missing its cup to cover the bendix gear.
I was looking in my garage for something to fill the hole. I found an old piston from my 1943 Harley 45, it had its right diameter!
we lathed out the piston and then welded it to the pan. It looked pretty good after it was all done. Recycling Harley parts into Ford!

Then it was hours of grinding before I polish it all up.
Soon it will be mated with my 1936 21 bolt flathead engine with polished 1933 aluminum heads and a Edelbrock sling shot intake!

More to come soon.

19 dec. 2011

Harley VL Knucklehead Project

Fuck yeah!
Last weekend I was at a garage party, what you normaly do is get wasted and go home.
I made a deal during the time I was wasted. And both I and Sibban remembered it the day after. Lucky me.

I traded from him a VL frame.
I have been searching for a VL frame for 2 years. Now I got it!
my plan is to build a wild knucklechopper of it. Lots and lots of chrome, including chromed frame.
I have a supercharger that was mounted on a 41 knucklehead earlier..I dont know if I dare to use it here? we will see.
I am one big step closer.

One funny thing is, this frame has been trough many of my friends garage floors.
Mats hedenstrand owned it first, then sold it to Nicke Svensson who sold it to Pete Begler who traded it with sebastian Toivonen who traded it with me!

My next problem is, what the hell am I suppose to use for front end? I have VL springer but thats original to the frame, I have my plans of using a 50´s triumph fork or a normal big twin springer...what an issue I have.

18 dec. 2011

Harley Parts ,Garage Art

Like most of you guys out there , we all like to keep our goodies on shelfs in the garage.
It´s just beautyful parts to look at and they will be used on just that project you have in your dreams!
It´s simple art.

14 dec. 2011

Prewar Dry Lakes Hot Rod Racing in 8mm

These guys are my heros.
Pure prewar hotroding at Harper dry lake in 1940.
I wish I was there with my roadster....

13 dec. 2011

Nicke Svensson´s longlegged Knucklehead

I was to Eken gassers swapmeet in Stockholm a month ago.
There I met Nicke, the owner of this bitchin Knuckle chopper.
I cant say much about this bike as I am speechless when I see it.
Just take a look at the super narrowed oem springer fork.
It has an old BT TT/hillclimb wico magneto driven where the generator supose to be.
Dual nickleplated linkerts...
So many details everywhere on this bike, you dont even think it´s done.
Fantastic work Nicke!
Im looking forward the hear your knuckle roam when you pass me by.
Take a look at his blog:


Here you will find everything this man is up to!

12 dec. 2011

Garage party at Ringön 2011

My buddies Micke,Martin,Pete,Krax,Pecka and Robert held a awsome garage party this weekend.
Alot of bikers and car people came to get wasted!
They hooked up a old Renault clio with NOS and empty all fluids,fired it up with full throttle let it explode.
We started up their Camaro race car and had a little cacklefest with some motorcycles.
Damn nice party boys!

And btw, WTF happend to Peter Långhårs Girlfriend? A few years ago, she was a pretty girl living a humble life in Bollebygd, now she´s living with a biker hobo ,drinks to much?! and humping people, floors and lick´s on everything her tongue can reach. Damn Linda, I wanna be like you.