29 mars 2012

Ford 1932 - A 80 year old car - My Roadster

To Celebrate this 80 year old car,I Have to get out of the closet.
I have bought myself a 1932 Ford Roadster!

Right now it sits in a pile of parts, hidden in the states waiting to get home to me here in Sweden.

It needs alot of attention but it is an original ,one of 10.612 DeLuxe Roadsters ever made!

Its fantastic, this is a car thats been popular for 80 years and you can still find a car today in 2012.

Here is some info of the car:

In March 1932, Henry Ford introduced the first low-cost V8 engine ever produced. Bringing out a pioneering eight-cylinder low-priced car was a bold move in the midst of the most severe economic depression the nation had ever endured. But Henry Ford was determined to build a mass-produced V8, and the world was ready for it.
There would be 212,000 Model 18 Ford engines produced in 1932 and that was only the beginning.
Edsel Ford, Henry's son, styled the 1932 Ford car. This one-year-only model bore a marked resemblance to the Lincoln of the same year. Generations of car enthusiasts have admired the handsome, clean lines of the 1932 Ford. The Model B, with a 4-cylinder engine, was also available in 1932. Combined production of the Fours and V8s totaled just a bit more than 250,000 cars. Ironically, what would become one of the most desired Fords ever was originally one of the lowest production models ever.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ser bra ut det där. Den kommer garanterat rulla innan min gör det.

  2. Great project, welcome to the 32 roadster family... I publish a picture of my car.


    /Joey Nykoping

  3. Hey Joey! thanks! send me some pics of your roadster. I think many readers want to see it.

  4. Hi my name is Dereald Millsap from Texas. I go by the
    Name BIGDTEXASKID . I'm building several Cars &
    Trucks. 1932 Ford Roadster Pickup ( Original Steel).
    Using Ford V/8 W/Mech Tach Drive. I saw UR Tach Drive
    Brackets. I have some where (lost @ moment) a Paper
    That list your various Bracket #'s 649-L etc & the various
    Cars to use these for various Uears. Ex. 1940 Ford Stock
    Motor in Stock 1940 Frame, use a Specific Bracket due to
    Where Fan was Mounted ( High & Location). So, u will have to determine it by trial & Error. Cause using a 59-L
    In a 1932, has to be determined. If I REMEBER correctly ,
    There is 3 Different Bracket for 3 Groups of Years for Ford Flatheads. It something like this 1932-1937, 1938-1940-41, 1941-42 to 1948. These years that some flathead were in Cars & Trucks & Changed within that year. Ex. 1941 Pickup & Sedan Delivery had Same Motor
    & Frame As 1940 Cars. But 1941 cars were Different Motor Locatin & Frame was Different from 1940. Also, 1941 motor had Different Fan (High & Location) 1937
    Had Different Water Pump Location ( Block) 21-Stud.
    1932-1936 had Water Pumps in Head.. So, you will have
    To determine, usage by what year of Motor, to Year of Frame. & the Various Combinations of Water Pump, Crank Pulleys, Frame Cross Members Ex. Stock 32, Model A in 32 Frame, Stock Motor, 59-L in 32 Frame,
    I'm in need of a bracket myself, can u tell me where you
    Purchased these brackets? I will look for the paper, that
    Showed what brackets goes to the year of Car . But. , it's
    Only for stock motor , in that year of specific Stock Frame. My iPhone is (903) 953-1933. My cars are :
    1932 Ford Roadster Pickup, 1933 Ford Pickup, (Stock)
    1933 Ford Roadster (59-L) Bonnieville Hi-Boy, 1934 Ford
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