28 sep. 2011

This biker needs to get a girlfriend

maybe fun to go to the gas station, "fill her up please"

27 sep. 2011

chopper garage

picture taken nighttime and way to drunk!

25 sep. 2011

Project 1929 Pheaton

Yesterday, after way to long time I finally mated the 1929 pheaton body to the 1932 frame. I ruffly cut out the floor under the rear seat so it could get down over the kickup. Now I have to start build up the subframe and new floor and reatatch the seat riser. Right now the body is to far back ,I have to cut the rear frame horns alittle more so the wheel well sits straight over the rear axle and center the wheel.
Hope I can get it done by next weekend.

23 sep. 2011

Old bike swapmeet

swap tomorrow, same swap new destination.

22 sep. 2011

EDELBROCK blockletter slingshot and heads

In the deal with the D.Spencer´s dash I showed pics of yesterday I got a very nice set of blockletter heads. And the first intake Vic Edelbrock ever did!The well known slingshot intake. Rumors says only around 100 of these where ever made.

I have been looking for this for a while I have had the second intake he did, EDELBROCK regular intake. But thats more common and I like the prewar stuff much more. I know I am a geek.

Check out the original Slingshot ad!

Thanks again Klaz for letting me cary the torch of the hotrod history!

The slingshot looks really good on my 1936 21 bolt engine!

21 sep. 2011

Engine turned 1932 Roadster dash

last weekend I picked up some parts I have bought.

Things that gave me goosebumps for real!

I have found and bought the dash from the Doane Spencer car. The dash that where removed when he started to rebuilt his roadster for Carrera Pan America somewhere arround 1950?

This dash is engine turned and cromed filled with backmount gauges.The patina is fantastic!
The only thing I need now to complete the dash exactly as it was, I need to find a oil temp gauge with crecent needle. Does anyone out there got one I can buy, let me know!
The dash in the roadster today have an engine turned insert and painted dash and a set of SW wing gauges.

I have found a picture of the dash in a book , The birth of hot rodding page 98.

In this deal I made with the guy who owned the dash, I got a very nice EDELBROCK block letter slingshot intake and a very nice set of EDELBROCK blockletter heads!
Pics of those things will be for tomorrow!

Klaz, I hail you,thanks for letting me take over these parts after you.

19 sep. 2011

Chopper parts.

I went to Norway this weekend to pic up some hotrod parts I had bought.
As a bonus there was a swapmeet in Oslo. Me and my gal took of to the swap early in the morning. After 2 minutes I made THE deal! found a Electric Frank and a pair of flanders risers for the big amount of 20 bucks! Found some oem brackets for carb and heads and some more small parts for 5 bucks.

After the swap we took of to Sarpsburg, I will get back to that tomorrow..

15 sep. 2011


Why the hell dont I own a Tucker?? I need one. badly.

14 sep. 2011

Cast Iron - Thickstun Heads - Aluminum

X-mas came early this year. Today I got a big black box in mail with a big note: Heavy.

Inside this package was my newbought Thickstun heads.

As most of my friends know, I have a little thing for Tommy Thickstuns hop up parts.
I have collected a set of Aluminum heads since a few years back - took me 6 years to get a set btw.

The set I got now in my mail was some what I think kind of rare stuff.
I have found meself a pair of cast iron Thickstun heads.
I have never heard anything about Tommy ever maid a cast iron heads ,only aluminum. They say aluminum heads are hard to find, wonder how many sets of cast Iron there is?!

The heads do look alike. Small differences is the cast iron does not have the Los Angeles logo by the water jacket. But they still have the bosses for the head covers.

Could these heads be a test pre cast before Thickstun made his aluminum heads?
If anyone have ever heard or seen anything about these cast iron heads , please email me at FlatheadRoadster@gmail.com
I would like to get any info I can.
Also are you a fan like me of Thickstuns legacy send me a email about your parts!

These cast iron heads will sit on my 28 roadster on deuce frame´s 41 Mercury engine. It allready has a Thickstun PM7 intake and a original air cleaner.

I am looking for a set of original headcovers. Let me know if you got any!

11 sep. 2011

Hotrod Brotherhood

After the hop upers swap we gathered the brotherhood of the Swedish westcoast finest hotrods for a ride down to A-bombers member Nick Hendriksson´s garage for some bar-b-q!
we where a mix of roadsters , coupes, tudors and pick ups. Nick let me take his red -30 coupe on deuce rails for a spin, fukkin hell, its plenty of power in his flathead! 160 hp in his engine, 133 hp on his rear wheels! Damn, I need to build a new engine for my roadster this winther.

Little Mercury Mike dreamt away steering on a model a chassie. when do we see you get your own hotrod boy??

7 sep. 2011

Super rare.

Found this as a auction on ebay. 4 bids! :)
I really like people with good sence of humour. Check it out!

This is a Super RARE pile of rust from a 1932 Ford. Don't miss out on this RARE item!!!!! If combined shipping or international shipping is required please request an invoice at the end of the auction.


5 sep. 2011

Chopper time

Damn sweet rides, Blasters Panhead, Corners Knucklehead and Richard 6 Volt´s Early shovel.

3 sep. 2011

Bullitt leather 6th year anniversary

Come by the Bullitt leather work shop today beteween 11:00- 17:00
after 18:00 ,go to Kontiki for party all night long!

See ya all there!