31 jan. 2012

Ted Halibrand

Sandcast since 1946. Here is the man who started it all. Ted Halibrand.

Anyone need a Halibrand quickchange rear end???

30 jan. 2012

Flathead Harley

Nice flathead Harley with monkey bars on the 1st Fücker fest.

29 jan. 2012

Injected Flathead Harley

Proven performance

Injection performance

Got these pics sent to me from a guy somewhere...the only question I gave him was: What the hell?, why do you own a dildo??? He answered: Cant you see that??
No more questions where asked.

27 jan. 2012

Veda Orr

The Only woman who drove a hotrod at the speed trials in the 40´s.
Veda Orr , wife of Karl Orr.

26 jan. 2012

Ak Miller´s Roadster

Ak Miller a hotrodder born in Denmark 1920 and his family immigrated to usa soon after.

This is a short story how it all begun for AK.

He was 14 years old in 1934:
"We were headed out to Muroc Dry Lake," Ak said. "We were going out there with no trailer, no nothing. Just a chain. You know who was going to drive it? Me. I just sat back there. They just told me to watch the brake because there was no such thing as a tow bar. I had to use the brakes to stop from hitting them. But they didn't drive too fast. And I remember 100-and-some miles in a frozen desert. It was colder than hell."

That wasn't the only seat time 14-year-old Ak got at that meet. Zeke was supposed to drive the roadster but got cold feet at the starting line and asked Ak if he wanted to drive. Ak eagerly lined up with the field, took off, and got the car up to 94 mph."I had really wanted to go 100, but I'm not too sure it would,"

Ak learned speed tricks quickly after that run in 1934. By 1937, he and his friend Wally Parks were founding members of the Road Runners car club (whose ranks would also include Vic Edelbrock Sr. and Jr., Fred Carrillo, Art Chrisman, and Bob and Dick Pierson, to name just a few). Later that year, the Road Runners were among seven clubs that formed the Southern California Timing Association.

Flatheads were the most popular engines among rodders in the pre- and postwar era, but Ak delighted in making speed using just about anything else. He built a number of hot rods in those days using Chevy, Buick, Olds, and Caddy mills.

Check out the front end on his roadster. Picture taken in 1947 and it does NOT have a traditional Ibeam axle. This must have been hightech to drive this one in the 40´s.

25 jan. 2012

HotRod and Harley parts up for SALE

Cleaning out my garage from shit I dont need any more.

Up for sale:

Edmunds & Jones type 20 headlights
Stewart Warner mechanical tachometer from 1939
Model A dash 1928/29
Corvette valve covers 1959/63
Model A 1928 power house generator
Harley Davidson Speedometer restored in Holland 1940/45
Harley Davidson Cigar muffler from early 1950´s Panhead

Email me for prices or more info.

24 jan. 2012

Worst Saddle Ever??

I saw this bike at Jokers 2011. I felt sorry for the guy who owned it.
Not only for it was a cone shovel...
Couldnt he get something better then a peice of wood to sit on??

23 jan. 2012

Panhead/Knucklehead Dragbike

I am right now in the mood of finding old awsome pics of hotrods and bikes.

just cant get enough of them!

todays pic is a dragbike with one pan engine in front and a knuckle right behind it.

I wonder why the hell he couldnt choose 2 panheads or 2 knuckleheads...instead of one each!?
Its still a cool bike.

22 jan. 2012

How many 1932 Ford roadsters exist today??

In 1932 they built:
Standard roadster Briggs body With:
4cyl: 948
Deluxe roadster Briggs body with:
V8: 6893
Grand total of ALL 1932 Ford Roadsters mfg. is: 12,080 cars.

The wrecked cars in these pictures is gone, maybe some parts where used on another roadster. But there is still barnfinds out there.

I Do wonder how may of these original mfg. 1932 roadsters still exist????

There is a thread on the H.A.M.B forum about this.

I wanna collect all cars that still exist here in Scandinavia. I Know there is plenty of these here in sweden. maybe 20-30 cars? maybe more? how many in Norway?,Denmark? Finland? let us know!!
If you know about a original roadster that exist send me an email: (FlatheadRoadster@gmail.com) or write here on my blog.

Let us see how many of these we have, and Ill will present the number of existance on the thread on H.A.M.B.

19 jan. 2012

Panhead 1949 engine cases

I got my second set of 1949 panhead engine cases today.
This will fit perfect in my chopper project!

Got these from a guy who hade them on his shelf for 30 years. Never welded, no cracks. Matched cases.

Now I just need the rest.
I got a set of oem jugs and heads....or maybe i´ll get a set of shovel heads instead??
I do like the panshovels.

I need a:
all gears
lifter tappets (crome)
camcover 53/54 (crome)
oilpump (crome)
generator (crome)
uppsweeps (crome)

If you got any parts for me, Email me at: FlatheadRoadster@gmail.com

18 jan. 2012

Panhead Chopper 1972

Here is a really nice swedish built pan chopper from back in the days.

Pictured is Olle Sjölund from Twinclub MC. he built the bike in the early 70´s.

Ingemar Becker painted it with Lollipop spray cans in his mothers laundryroom in 1972!!
The pan won price at hotrod show in Stockholm same year.

17 jan. 2012

Early Flathead V8 hop up

just an Hour ago I fired up my engine for my 1929 pheaton on 1932 frame.
I have been working on this for a while and it feels great to hear it run!And it runs very good.
This is a dresser with very early parts.
I have a set of polished 1933 Ford original aluminum heads and a original and polished 1932 aluminum oil pan.
On top I has a original Edelbrock slingshot intake crowned with a pair of NOS Stromberg 97.
The headers is homemade by me.
To morrow it needs some carb adjustments before it will be perfect. I hate the moment just before you fire up something new. but now I am very satisfied!

16 jan. 2012

14 jan. 2012

Some where..

something is going on...It looks like a 32 Ford roadster is on her way back on the road!

How to..

..get cops interested in hotrods without give you a ticket.

12 jan. 2012

Living Your Life

This old picture has haunted me for a while.
I really envy that guy how had that overhead conversion 4 banger.
And the coolest distributor ever on a flathead four.. Not a scintilla magneto, not a mallory dual point. its a flathead v8 distributor converted for a 4 banger. Maybe has a dual plug head? I dont know, and never will. That question will haunt me for ever. But agree its awsome!

Look at the picture, this is exactly what life is made fore, drive around in your hotrod with your best friends a sunny day.

11 jan. 2012

Flathead Super Charger

Here is a very nice 1932 Ford roadster with what looks like a gmc super charger on top of a Cadillac flathead engine. You dont need a hood on your car when you got a engine like this one. I wonder if it still exist...

9 jan. 2012

My 1929/1932 Pheaton

I took her out of the garage for the first time to see how she looks..

It looks more and more like a Hotrod and not a pile of parts as it has been.
right now Im working to get her started up for the first time. have some details left before I can try.
Ill get back to that.

8 jan. 2012

Flathead Harley Dresser

Nicke Svenssson´s bling bling dresser.
Its shit all over this flathead.
But hey, we all like it!