30 okt. 2010

Project -29 Pheaton on -32 rails

Finally I have started my new project. Last year I bought a complete 1929 pheaton project , sold new In Sao Paulo ,Brazil.

Im gonna use that body to put on a original 1932 frame built up as a late 30´s hotrod, parts I have collected for years. Using original 32 rear and front end first year hydralic brakes -39, -32 transmission -34 21 bolt flathead V8 with Tommy Thickstuns first highrise intake manifold, produced somewhere between 1936-41.

This week I spent 5 hole days in my garage. I painted the frame, changed all buschings used in a front end and assebled it all. Looked over a perfect rearend and put it all together as a chassie. last two days I rebuilt the -32 tranny.

next I will restore all brakes and paint the wide five wheels Im gonna use.

28 okt. 2010

-47 Flathead FL

Lars Eriks project, -47 flattie.

26 okt. 2010

The Hönö boys invited us for crabs.

Great crab claw party!
Big thanks to Pontus, Svante, Laban and the rest of Hönö crew.

21 okt. 2010

Tattersfield 1948 catalog

Bought this old speed parts catalog from 1948 today. Ernest Tattersfield took over tommy thickstuns patterns after his death in 1946 and put his own name and fins on the heads and intake manifold was modified a little.

More info about Thickstun and Tattersfield to come as I collect Thickstun speed parts.

20 okt. 2010

Ford 1932 roadster

This is what happens when you dont know how to handle your hotrod.
Drive safe my friends.

18 okt. 2010

Harley Davidson Racing T-shirt.

A friend of my had this when he was riding his moped when he was a kid.
Its an original Harley. Nowadays it sits in a frame in his livingroom. Nice.

17 okt. 2010

P - 38 belly tank

This P-38 gastank was for sale on ebay and ended yesterday without any bids. they where expensive, 9800$. But how often do you see anything for sale?

15 okt. 2010

Lightweight Flathead Ford V8

How many of you knew that Ford Motor Company produced 10 aluminum flatheads in 1940 for experimental use in small air planes?
After beeing subjected to severe dynamometer tests its was found that there was thermal conditions that existed in the block that caused the steel cylinder sleeves to buckle near the top of the cylinder bore, resulting to severe scuffings of the pistons.
At the time a steel alloy wasnt availible with a coefficient of expansion that compared favorably with aluminum block for use as cylinder sleeves and the project was dropped.

9 engines didnt survive but one did. Owner Raymound W Schlachter sent his engine to Ray Brown Automotive Los angeles in 1952 to receive a mild conversion treatment . (Remember this is the only engine existing and he´s building a hotrod engine of it!)

In its final form the engine had its stock bore and stroke 3 3/16 x 3 3/4 inches,respectively giving 239,4 cu.i. The block was ported and relieved with stock valves, a modified Mercury cam was used. Weiand 8-1 heads and a scintilla magneto have been installed allong with a Frenzel super charger topped by two Stromberg 97

Another significant consisted of removing the standard 1/32 of an inch thick steel sleeves and boring the cylinders to accept 3/32 of an inch cast iron sleeves.

Dynamometer tests using 91 octane aviation fuel shown a maximum 140 bhp at 4000 rpm with boost preassure of 3 psi. The total weight is 357 pounds, 140 pounds lighter the the cast iron engine.

Where the hell is this engine today??? I WANT IT!

14 okt. 2010

Hammer Time

Visited my friend Lars Erik from Hammers at his garage. He is building a very nice hotrod of from a -29 roadster and later he will put it on -32 rails. The car itself hasnt been in trafic since 1961 and its in very good condition. For the moment, Andy from A bombers has borrowed his deuce chassie for his -32 roadster.
Looking forward to race down the street ,side by side. two A-V8´s roaming. Who will win that race?

13 okt. 2010

Travel Pussy

What can I say... Germans.. My pal Nisse from A-bombers bought this one for fun!? in germany on his way to a drag race. At least he won the flathead class! Congrats mate!