30 aug. 2012

Make It Fit

If it doesnt fit , make it fit.
I really like this way of parking your car!

28 aug. 2012

Juniors Panhead

Finally Junior is out on his nice pan! Its good to see outside the garage man!

26 aug. 2012

5 boxes of treasure

A couple of days ago I got 5 big boxes filled with old Swedish bike and car magazines!
from 1965 and up!

The first issues of Colorod , Start & Speed , MCnytt , Wheels and so on.
I even got a bunch of early 70´s Easy rider.

It is so cool and just sit and read these old mags and the 5 first magazines I opened I found atleast 6 friends of my!

I even found some articles about my dad in Colorod from 1977!

I owe the guy who gave me these boxes a big thanks.
Thank you Thomas! You are really a good friend!

Now I have plenty of magazines to read in my garage this winther.

25 aug. 2012

Ride your hotrod while you can

This season is getting shorter.
But today the conditions where perfect for a ride with your brothers.

Me and my chick in my 29/32 pheaton , Christer in my 28/32roadster , Sebastian and David in the 30 tudor , Kilen in his 29 pick up and Johan in his 26 roadster pick up.

We met up at ratpacks augusti round swap meet and took a short ride and ended up at my garage for coffie and kake and alot of tire kicking!

A really good day to hang out!
Thanks guys, lets do it again soon.

19 aug. 2012

Hotrod Parts for Sale

Time to sell of some hop up parts to your traditional hotrod.

For sale:

Scintilla angledrive with new magneto base

Stromberg 97 Big logo

Lincoln Zephyr one year only original 1940 26 tooth gear set

More info, email me at: Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

13 aug. 2012

Sleeping With a Hand Grenade

Such a cool picture of a russian ww2 soldier.
He never had a chance to throw away that granade to his target.


12 aug. 2012

HotRod Weekend

How to spend a perfect weekend.

You take a bunch of good friends and just ride your hotrods where ever you want.
It was clear blue sky both sathurday and sunday.

I got a phone call yester day from sebastian, he and David had been out driving and wondered if I was going for a ride.

I took my girlfriend and my good old friend Johan in my 29/32 pheaton and met up with the guys.

Sebastian was driving his old 30 Ford tudor , a car with a 1937 21 bolt hop uped flathead that hasnt been on the road for a while.

We took of on small roads, just enjoy the weather and stoped by a small lake for a swim.
Even Sebastians dog Linkert tryed the to jump in the water.

we spent the hole day in our hotrods and decided to do the same thing the next day.
Today we found some old dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. Fuckin awsome!

my girl brought a picnic basked filled with bunns and coffie. thats whats y

a perfect weekend!. we have driven over 150 miles/ 240 km during these 2 days.
thats what you need after driving around for a couple of hours.

I hope next weekend will be the same. Lots of driving around ,sunshine, good friends , swimming in lakes.

Today life was good.

9 aug. 2012

Håkans Henry 1932 Roadster

To day my good old friend Håkan came by and showed me his 1932 roadster he just had bought in England!
It has an standard original roadster body.

Ford only maid 1.468 Standard roadsters in 1932.
4cyl: 948

This car has an 39 flathead engine hop uped with NOS eddie mayer heads and highrise intake.

When I met up with håkan I just saw a BIG smile. I can understand how it feels to finnaly find a Henry maid roadster and drive it home!

This is a very sharp locking car. It has only 600km on its tires since it was restored. Brand new brown leather interior, old homemade quickchange rear end dropped heavy Ibeam, 40 brakes. And it is as clean under as it is on the outside.
I have many hours left before my henry roadster is in this condition.

But when it is we gonna take a ride together my friend!

Congratulations and welcome to the family of owners with Henry made roadsters!

1 aug. 2012

Old style weekend 2012

only 2 days left...

See you on friday.