27 juli 2011

Homemade fork and frame

My pal Pigfukker Mikko´s home made frame and fork. Looking forward to see this bike on the street.

25 juli 2011

Aluminum saddle for Harley VL

This saddle is for children. It fits in front of the drivers seat. Not a everyday find for a Harley VL.

24 juli 2011

Stromberg 97 carbs

Bought 3 stromberg carbs on ebay a while ago. There was only one blurry picture. It was really hard to see what the hell it was. I placed a bid and won the aution.
When I finally got the carbs,I realised they where in very good shape. They are very dirty from sitting. But a good clean up and they are as good as new.
they have been run ,only for a very short while. I even got the original Stromberg boxes for them with instruction sheet inside!

23 juli 2011

Le Beef 2 Year Anniversary

Biffen got his 2 year anniversary the day before A-bombers.
I will go to WolfIsland the 4 of august. See you there!

19 juli 2011

Ford 1932 roadster barn find

Is this what you call a true barn find?? look closely, and you will see what stands behind the roadster....Another 1932 roadster! Someone got lucky here.

18 juli 2011

Fücker Chopper Fest #1 pictures

The First ever Fücker chopper fest was last sathurday.
It was a heavy start for me that day.
The pre party on sissybar gave me a hungover. Damn I never get hungover.
Lots of cool bikes and people gathered for great party.
Two band played, Torpedo Göteborg and Horse head Union.
Just take a look at the pictures and see what the boys and girls in sweden are capable of. Sorry for the dark pics during night time.I Didnt have any flash.
But click on the pics and you will see them in larger size. It helps.
I hope this wasnt the last chopper fest in Gothenburg!
A new tradition has started here. Thanks for a good party.