31 jan. 2011

1949 Panhead bobber

Hell yeah!
I have been waiting way to long to do this but today I finally got my fingers out of my as and put back the engine in its frame. The chassie has been done for nearly two years now so its time. Time to get out on the road in good company of my friends.

Hello sunshine hello beer, soon we will meet again!

30 jan. 2011

Fullspeed board tracker

A picture says more then thousands words.

29 jan. 2011

Slippery Eel

I want you all to go the your nearest news stand and buy MCM motorcycle magazine or Wheels magazine to take a close look at our good friend Pontus Abrahamsson from Hönö awsome Harley that resently won bike of the year by MCM. Damn cool bike with lots of attitude. I bow for you. Congrats man!

28 jan. 2011

Ford 1932 chassie

Project pheaton is back on track. I have been waiting for 1½ month to get my -39 Ford brakes back from relining and turning drums. For the first time in many many years the frame is standing on wheels again.

know Im waiting for the valvejob to be done for my -36 flathead and make new brake linesfor the chassie. Then I can finally fire it up at take a test run...

27 jan. 2011

Linkert MR 2

Resently I found this carb in a box i someones garage.. That dude had 4 more MR2 carbs in the same box.
I wanna be like him.

26 jan. 2011

Ford 1932 3 window coupe

My old friend Rune in Norway got this black beauty. original 3window coupe with its original 221 cui 21 bolt flathead. I badly want this car in my garage, you wanna sell it to me Rune??

25 jan. 2011

Påls -28 roadster on deuce rails

Visited my old friend Pål in Norway last weekend for a short visit to take a look at his -32/-28 Roadster project. The chassie is all done just need to get rid of the tudor body.
Looks really good. Engine got evans heads , thickstun intake with stromberg 97 on top, mercury 4 inch crank , ported and relived. I hope this beauty will roar this spring.
Looking forward to pass your left side and see you in my rear wiew mirror.
Come on man, get your hotrod done now!

24 jan. 2011

Sidfläsk mc

How to make a perfect night:

1. Take all your good friends to your garage.
2. Get a barbeque and lots of beer
3. Get drunk and enjoy!

Thanks to Johan & Freddan at sidfläsk mc for a very nice sathurday evening to celebrate for project Juxtapod has been at Auto Trade Fair/ birthday party

Happy B-day pal!

23 jan. 2011

Harley VL 1936 springer forks

Yesterday I bought 2 1936 VL springer forks! Now I got 3 ibeam springers!
One for my panhead chopper , one for my VL project and the last for the future.

20 jan. 2011


This guy got way to many Knuckleheads at home.

19 jan. 2011

1953 Corvette station wagon

This car should not exist. It was a concept car in 1953 and here it is live and kickin in a parking lot somewear in usa. Someone has used a 1955 Chevy nomad to build this one. Its a killer ride, I like it!

17 jan. 2011

Knucklehead heads

This guy cant afford bricks so he made a wall of knucklehead heads instead.

16 jan. 2011

Megustomuch chopper

Johan Belin with the megustomuch and juxtabod blogs put together this chopper last year. Damn nice bike!

15 jan. 2011

wheelies are for pussies

Check this photo of Big john mazmanian, well known for his candy red -41 Willys, But in this photo his driving, I think 1970 plymoth Cuda. Somethimes when you got the grip you can make a wheelie, but this guy is litte cooler then everybody else. Look closely and you can see all four wheels are off the ground. Thats fuckin awsome!

14 jan. 2011

Use yer helmet in one way or another

Twin Club Norrtälje Custom bike show 10 years anniversary 1980
Thanks Uffe Nilsson for sending the photos!

13 jan. 2011

Wide 5 Ford 18 inch wheels

I want/need/got to have a pair of wide five 18 inch wheels these where used on 3/4 ton Ford trucks.
You can compare these 16 inch front to the 18 inch rear on the -33 5 w coupe.

If any body out there got a single or a pair of these wheels let me know and contact me on: FlatheadRoadster@gmail.com

12 jan. 2011

Powerful at all speed - Scintilla magneto

As allways I love the scintilla magnetos , In my opinion the best ignition you can have for your flathead.

11 jan. 2011

Custom bike show 1974

It was expensive to visit custom bike show in Norrtälje -74. 3 swedish crowns. And 10 crowns to exhibit! I think its alittle more today...
Skurk & flytlack (Ingemar becker & jarmo pulkinen) won first price for best paint.

9 jan. 2011

How to build a hotrod of a 1932 Ford

Found this homebuilt hotrod on ebay. Someone tryed to build it like a speedster from Mechanix Illustrated november 1951. Damn cool with Z´d -32 frame and still using the original grillshell and homemade body.

6 jan. 2011

Knuckle Chopper

The Dude , Mr. Hedenstrand has just completed his new punkrock Knucklehead.
Looks good my friend!

4 jan. 2011

1927 Ford hotrod for sale

You got to love this unrestored 1927 hotrod built in 1953.
My good old friend Pål want to pass it away to a new home.

Here are som words from its owner:

From my understanding, the 27 touring was restored to original in 1951. Then in 1953 the owner purchased a low 29K mileage mint 1940 V8 60 pick up truck and put all the drivetrain, brakes, steering components into the 27 touring. All of that took place in Redwood City CA.
Tub is more or less untouched since 53. Paint and chrome tells a story.

The tub is now located in Norway.
Contact me on my email or leave a comment and Ill pass the owners email or phone# to you.

Flathead Ford 21 bolt hop up

Now I got my 21 bolt flathead in Gothenburg.I will use this engine in my project -29 pheaton. I had this running in my old -32 ford tudor earlier. Then I polished the oem Ford aluminum heads. Later this week I can start take it apart and go trough it. I might have some valve job to do. I placed the early Thickstun intake manifold with 2 stromberg 97 on top, thinking of using a scintilla magneto or if I can find a Lincoln Zephyr V12 distributor converted to V8. If anybody out there got one please contact me!

2 jan. 2011

Scintilla angle drive

Yesterday I got my 3rd angledrive for a Scintilla magneto. Now I got 3 different models to use on a flathead V8.

1 jan. 2011

Flathead Ford De Luxe steering wheels

Today I tryed different De Luxe steering wheels for my project -29 pheaton on deuce rails. Its hard to decide which one I will use. The plan with my pheaton is not to use any parts newer then 1939. fot the moment the only "new" parts is 1939 brakes , 1937 spindles and 1939 pedal assembly. Everything else is older.

1938 Ford Banjo steering wheel

1937 Ford banjo steering wheel

1935 Ford banjo steering wheel