29 nov. 2010

The engine of Tottes hillclimber

You got to love the panhead chain driven Wico magneto , original harley hop up parts you dont see everyday.
His engine also got a factory harley magnesium pistons and a hot cam made espesially for TT racing or hillclimbing. Check out the small sprocket!

28 nov. 2010

Pierce Arrow 1930

Found this 1930 Pierce arrow speedo at a swapmeet. I cant afford the rest of the car. Now its up for sale, anyone needs it contact me.

26 nov. 2010

King bolt reamer

Got my N.O.S Ford King bolt reamer today. Finally I can restore all my spindles by myself.

25 nov. 2010

-48 Panhead

Super clean panhead for sale. Damn the -48´s look good.

23 nov. 2010

Project pheaton part II

My -29 pheaton from Sao Paulo brazil is finally ready for the registration. And then Im gonna tear it down to use the body on my -32 chassie. Soon ill ride my pheaton with a 34 flattie with early thickstun intake down the road.

22 nov. 2010

Got magneto?

My collection of Scintilla magnetos. Damn good hotrod power.

21 nov. 2010

Harley VL front leg

Found this leg almost for free at Herning swap meet.
Not that often you find harley parts like this at swapmeets in sweden.
Hurray for Denmark!

20 nov. 2010

Ford 1932 red enamel emblem

A long search is finally over. I found this original red -32 Ford emblem in Denmark last weekend. Looks way much better then the normal blue.

16 nov. 2010

panhead hillclimber, rust in peace

Found this old 1949 Panhead hillclimber, that someone used in C class long time ago.using a VL tranny and suicide clutch.
Someone stole the wico magneto and broke the engine case. maybe Ill buy it.. or not.

14 nov. 2010

Ford wide five hubcaps

Found a pair of goodlooking hubcaps to my project -29 Pheaton on -32 rails yesterday.
Anyone out there knows what year these are? havent seen this model before. Commercial?

10 nov. 2010


Lincoln Zephyr steering wheel needed for my flathead V12 project

9 nov. 2010

Robins Knucklehead

Found these pics in my archives. Pics taken by me when I was in Stockholm with Krantz and Blaster a few years ago. Blaster pinstriped Robin´s knucklehead that day.

8 nov. 2010

1969 Dodge Charger

Yesterday was nice, Mr Långhår invited me for a spin in his gorgeuos -69 Dodge Charger, Damn that car roars like a lion! But what do you expect of a 440 with Sixpack?? Wanna know more about his car? Just buy the latest Power magazine. There you will find this car and the bum who owns it

7 nov. 2010

1932 Ford Tudor

This picture is taken a few years ago when I was playing with my old -32 Tudor.

4 nov. 2010

Larrys Knuckle

Finally! My pal Larry in L.A got back his new restored -47 knucklehead engine.
Time to start putting your bike together now dude?
It looks great!