31 mars 2013

Coupe Devils Bonanza 2013 Flyer

A nice suprice when I got out to my garage this weekend.

A flyer was on my pheatons windshield. A guest from Norway ,Olav Kvipt went by my garage(ofcourse when I was not there as I was working) on his way down to Elmia to exibit his volvo amazon  stationwagon! a super nice car he built this winther.

Thanks for the flyer bro!

26 mars 2013

A-Bombers OSW 2013 Flyer

I got a new flyer for the old Style Weekend  2013 in my mailbox today.

Here you will see some info for this years show.

Get your hotrod roadworthy  til 2 August!

24 mars 2013

Danish Hot Rod

Danish hotrod model T.
The beerdrinking country Denmark knows how how to make a good looking car in shape of a Carlsberg beer bottle!

21 mars 2013

A nice place to relax

This is something I want, a vaccation house somewhere to relax.

Something like this.
All you need, a small house to sleep, a pool where you can drink beer and some car wrecks!

17 mars 2013

Project Engine Turning

I have started a new project for one of my cars!
It includes the allmoust lost art of engine turning.
I have never done it before and really wanted to try it out.

With the help of a friend and a lathe I made a test tool and had to see if it works in practice, and it did.

This is the quick test part I did today on a piece of aluminum.
More to come soon.

14 mars 2013

New Dusters Time Travel Meet Blog

We have started up a new blog for Dusters carclub meet. The Time Travel Meet.

Here you can follow the updates of whats going on for the weekend, see pics from last years meet and its a way to find contact info to us.

Check out the:   www.DustersCC.blogspot.com

12 mars 2013

The 1949 Panhead Resurrection

 Today I fired up my 49 panhead. It has been under restoration since 2008... I got sick and tired of this bike many times.
 This is how it started its life i my ownership. it was a ugly bike with alot of wrong parts. I took it apart just after a couple of weeks for a fast restoration...The things I saved from this bike was the engine  case, tranny and gastank and one star hub. the rest was sold of.
I did not plan it would take nearly 5 years until I could fire it up again!
Started with a better frame and a springer and the saddel from my old 45´ harley.  Prepped everything for top paint myself.
 started to reasembly I parkerized alot of the parts for a better and original look.

 The chassie was all done i a pair of months. I had  to wait for the engine away longer.

Almoust done. But still, this pic is taken alittle over a year before  the top pic as i took today.
It has just been sitting under some rags in my garage waiting for me to get inspiration. The last week I finally got some.
I have been working with the last parts like hook up all the wires and fix the lights and gas petcock ,  and today I filled it up with gas and it came to life.

Feels kind of good to hear its heart beat again!

7 mars 2013

SS Chopper

Nice risers and gastank.

6 mars 2013

I Got Electricity

I have been working on my black 1949 panhead bobber today, mounting a replica wire harness.

my goal was to get it working today and I did!
 I just need to connect to front and rearlight tomorrow and everything is done.

5 mars 2013

Manifolds grow on trees

...And they said I could plant a buckhorn exaust manifold in the ground.

I say the DO grow on trees!