30 maj 2011

Lowbrow goes Demented 2011 pictures

2011 Lowbrow goes Demented again, is over.
Sorry for the low quality of my pictures.
But what the hell do you expect of a wasted dude with a camera.
Even a drunk phamtom showed up in the dark in his to thight purple suit.
Thanks for a great sathurday boys and girls.
Looking forward to next years LgD. I think we will meet again in 2 weeks at Jokers bike and car show.

28 maj 2011

Asphalt Telegraph

Here is the cover of Christer Ehrlings new book: Asphalt Telegraph.
Its filled with fantastic photos from the car and biker scene, taken by Christer.
When do we get to buy a copy my friend?
I want one now!

24 maj 2011

Rest In Peace , Faggot

FUCK! the fag knuckle is blown to smitherins. Again.
Something is fishey about the rear cylinder. A hole in the piston. Thats not good.


23 maj 2011

Scallops on my cadillac

Sigge, Evil-T came over to my garage to day and helped me out to do some scallops on my cadillac.I bought some tape at Rogers custom, that F#"¤!#G tape was 35 years old and had lost its powers. Didnt grab at all. Sigge had some other tape in his bag and to get some radius I used a wheel from my skateboard. You never know when you need your skateboard!
More pics will come when I paint it!
Check out www.evil-t.blogspot.com

22 maj 2011

Fag Knuckle is back in business

Fjus got his disgusting fag knuck with dual linkert welded directly to the intake back in running order.
Who doesnt like a colorful knucklehead filled with gaypride rainbow and pink swastikas.
He destroked it down to 4½ inch stroke instead of 5 inch. Pussy.

Fjus blew the engine 2 or 3 times last summer and now when he put everything back together he found out he had a small crack in his intake on rear head.
Maybe thats why the rear cylinder was blue and his piston got a big hole in it!

Hope this season will work out better. Nice to have you back on track man!

18 maj 2011

The hotrod book by christer Ehrling

My good friend Christer is a great photographer.
He is publishing a book with his fantastic pics from
the hotrod / custom car scene. I think it will be printed tomorrow!
Im looking forward to buy a copy of it.

Soon you can buy a one at www.adlibris.se or contact him your self.

16 maj 2011

Lowbrow goes Demented..again!

Not much time left now. Less then 2 weeks.

Now the next problem. My pheaton is not ready as it supose to be. My roadster sucks as.
My panhead bobber isnt ready yet, My chopper is a mock up.. my gasser still sits in a barn , my moped needs a clutch. Do I need to walk to örebro?
Hell No, I still got my -49 fastback!
See you all there at may 28th!

15 maj 2011

Panhead FLH oil tank

Found a very nice untouched original FLH 1956 panhead on ebay today.
The oil tank is killer with both FLH decals and an oil sight guage.

13 maj 2011

Panhead oem muffler for sale

Found this old original harley panhead muffler, at a swap meet a while ago.
I dont need it any more. Now its up for sale or trade.
email me at Flatheadroadster@gmail.com if you need it.

11 maj 2011

Stromberg 97 carb restoration

I helped My friend Lars to fix his stromberg 97 carbs.
These will sit on a old fenton 3 carb intake on his 1927 ford roadster pick up.

They where "working" but I could not understand how when I took them apart. they were very messed up on the inside...
But the axles was in very good shape so i didnt need to change them out. but everything else is new.the the carb housings was ugly and cleaned up so now they look like new.
All the linkage and screws was rusty so I cleaned them up and parkerized it all. The strombergs look better now and will work as good as new carbs again!