14 mars 2012

1939 Mercury Convertible

Last weekend I was away and looked at a 1940 Mercury Convertible. It needs alot of work but I was interested in buying it, I just need to sell my 1949 Cadillac sedanette first.

On the way back home I stoped by my pal Clas Vingren, I have showed you his unrestored 1949 panhead earlier.

He´s working on a 1939 Merury convertible, 1 of 7 sold new in sweden!

Clas is a very serious metal crafts man , he has done alot of work on this car before he could Kustomize it. Almoust everything is done to the body, just need a small chop before he can make the padded carson top for it.

Here are some pics , more to come when work is in progress!

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