31 aug. 2011

Hop up 4 banger parts for sale

Cleaning my garage, I dont need these parts anymore. I looks like I never gonna build me a hop up 4 banger ,Im stuck in the flathead V8 swamp.

Winfield A-1 cam shaft Ford Model b core.
adjustable lifters
cam sprockets
isky springs
Old no leek water pump from 30´s
aluminum fan
Wico 4 cylinder Xv magneto

Email me for further questions.

29 aug. 2011

New blog - Fücker

Check it out!


26 aug. 2011

August round up 2011

See ya all there tomorrow!

24 aug. 2011

Hand shift

Old Pic of me and my Harley 45 hand shifter.

23 aug. 2011

Chopper parkinglot

This was a good day in our life.
Why the hell dont you see a parking lot like this everyday??

22 aug. 2011

Edelbrock Slingshot intake manifold

This old fucker has lived a hard life. Someone actually cut the slingshot in 2 parts and spread the necks apart to weld them directly to the manifold.Straight over the Edelbrock blockletters!
All of you flathead freaks out there know how rare these intakes are to day. They go for mucho dineros.
I am glad that someone did this to it in the past and not today. What if the old parts we buy could tell their story. wouldnt that be cool!

21 aug. 2011

Art Deco

Found this art deco hood ornament on a 1936 Nash convertible at Mooneyes RatFink Reunion. Must be some aftermarket thing, I have never seen anyone like it!

16 aug. 2011

Unusual Panhead valvecovers

Found these wierd looking valcovers in the tomb of Corner.
There is only one dude with all the good stuff in his basement, just because he can!
Did never asked Corner about them. The evil Dr.T(eabag) had Corner in his medical stage.
I wish I had these for my chopper project..

15 aug. 2011

Oem Henry Ford 1932 Roadster

An old good friend of mine has found this damn nice 1932 roadster.
just look at the pictures and enyoj. Not often you find a untouched deuce roadster like this one. It still got its original 21 bolt engine from 1932!
The car is now located in Sweden and are in good hands with a speedparts collector, I will report about his own 40´s speed shop later.

Btw can anyone of you out there identify the intake manifold on the car? No name..

11 aug. 2011

A-Bombers Old Style Weekend 2011 pictures

Finally, the event you all have been waiting for was last weekend.
The car club A-Bombers has done it again, a teriffic mc/car meet with all the coolest hotrods,customs and vintage Harley´s.
My old friend Pål Torp had his premiere ride in his -29 roadster on deuce frame. It was right about time brother! 10 long years I have waiting for you. Now we can ride.
I meet a new friend from america this year, Pål brought Bruce all the way from New Jersey. Thanks Bruce for your timing tag you gave me!
I drove the Hillclimb at Devils peak even this year. Fuck ,it is fun. Love it!
As usual you meet alot of good old and new friends and talk about that we love most.
The first thing I saw on sathurday morning when I was going for a ride in my roadster for some breakfast, I found Trazan in his underwhear posing on the hood of his Ford F100 pickup. Damn dude you know how to make people laugh!-retard!

Thanks for a great event Mr. Baymoore, Nisse(the phantom) , Mr. Erixon, Mr. Bon´er , Trazan, Mikey, Ottoson and the rest of the crew at A-Bombers.
See ya all soon again.