21 mars 2014

Spekeröd SwapMeet tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 4th Spekeröd swapmeet.

Be there between 10:00-13:00.

See ya all tomorrow!

20 mars 2014

Burns Prewar Flathead V8 Intake

A while ago I bought this prewar intake and sent it to my good old friend Zach where i collected a pile of parts to ship home to Sweden.

A few weeks ago a big package came!

This is a rare intake you dont see very often.

I found some old adds in Throttle magazine. Btw, worlds first hotrod magazine from 1941!

After my reseach Burns aluminum foundry made 3 versions of their intake.

My intake is the 2nd version from mid -41.
In the early numbers of Throttle you can find the 1st version in adds but I have never seen anyone for real or in a picture.

The 3rd version I have also found in an old add and it is a postwar intake.

8 mars 2014

Sleeping Problem

Who does recognize himself like this??
Thinking what you need to do instead of get some sleep.

Spring is coming closer and closer and as usual you are never done with everything you should have done during the winther.

My -49 chopper and -28 roadster still needs shitloads of attention.

Time to start do some garage work.