19 apr. 2012

Pimp my Pheaton

I have pimped my ride.
I cut and angled the windshield stanchions back a little and got them painted as well as the outline black on the body and put on a set of 40-48 beauty rings.
I really wanted to chop the windshield and stanchions, but when you are as tall as I am I need the hight of the glass.

Not that much left to do on the car.
I have to make a dash panel for the temp and oil pressure gauges bolted to the steering column and a set of shock absorbers in the front.
And of course a new interior...the plan is to take the car to Oslo to my buddys in Coupe Devils Hotrod bonanza! I hope I will make it.

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  1. Hey! After a while of thinking, searching and whatnot I ditched my Cadillac and got myself one of these bastards (birthday present). A barn fresh 1929 Tudor is mine. Yessir. Now. I'm living in Denmark, which is maybe not the worst place ever to have a hot rod, but damn close (it's a car, therefore it's already a challenge), and I want a hot rod and not an A with pinstripes. I was looking thru the net, and actually found a danish registered fenderless car. I know that the pics were taken in Sweden on a show where you seem to be every year, and so is that dude who owns it. I'm looking for some info if what he did is legal, and if so, how the hell did he managed, the car doesn't look like he's taking off the fenders everytime he enters a show, but rather drives without them all the time. And his car being a Fourbanger is crappy in Police pursiuit getaway, therefore there must be some regulations. My question is, do you know the owner of that thing: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/misterzumbi/Fourbangers/09.jpg

    And if yes, does he have a blog or is there any way to get in touch with him?

  2. Hey Zombie.

    I do not knot that dude.Sorry. But you do see his registration number. check out where the car is located by the plate. then you can get in contact with him. I know that you got alot of hotrods in denmark. I have not seen many with fenders.

    Glad that you have bought yourself a hotrod project. Driving your own homebuilt hotrod is a great feeling. But you dont want a 4 banger under the hood? what engine are you going to use? flathead v8? If you need to ask more questions you are free to email me at Flatheadroadster@gmail.com
    Its better to take questions over email then over my blog.

  3. Hej.

    I'm going with the fourbanger first. I have enough cars to know that if you begin to tear them apart that is when you loose inspiration, mood, whatever, and then you have cool stuff, but no way to do what they do best. Drive. So the fourbanger is a resonable choice for now. It will have some speed parts though, Lion Speed Head, different carb setup and so on. 12 Volt ignition for a bit more reliability and mechanical brakes for now, and then I'll take it from there. That is the car: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7220/7086710207_9a51754d3d_o.jpg
    And here is an Idea that I sketched up if It has to have fenders: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7056/7090176973_bda6dda4a5_o.jpg

    You know where that goes, a strict old Gow Job 40's style shit thing. As soon as I have this that far, I'll be looking for a 1925 T Coupe, to do this to it: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/misterzumbi/1925T/pict6013.jpg

    We'll see...

    Btw. I found the dude over "Fuckerbook" and hope he answers, I really want to ditch the fenders.