4 apr. 2012

Maiden Voyage with the 29/32 Pheaton

hell yeah , I took out the -29 pheaton on it´s maiden voyage.

It felt soo damn good to hear the 221 cui flathead roam on the way out of my garage for the first time.

I took a spin around the building and it all went well the -39 juice brakes worked well and lots of power in the flathead v8. I made its first burnout! 8 meters of black stripes in the asphalt. She´gonna be a hell of a good car to ride this summer.

All I have to do know is remake a new floor and subframe under the rear seat, after that she is ready to use in traffic.

Alot of my toys are comming out this summer:

*28/32 roadster with new engine and lincoln zephyr transmission.
*29/32 pheaton all new built car.
*49 panhead bobber. all she need is the beltdrive...
*49 panhead chopper. my old chromed bastard.

It should be a good season this year!

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