30 apr. 2012

An Era Has Ended.

She is gone. My sweet old 1949 Cadillac sedanette has a new owner.
a couple of days ago a guy called me and wanted to buy her.
we came along for a price and he took the bus to Gothenburg the day after.

I just happend so fast. And now she is gone.

The good thing was that the new proud owner Tomas, wanted to keep her as she is.
Yeah she is worth a restoration but, there are plenty of cars in "better then new shape" everywhere.

I will I miss that car. I had her for more then 10 years.
But hey, I miss everything I sell.

Note to Martin:
In the future. Dont sell anything.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tomas showed up at our Fredagsfika, ´with his new caddy.

    Nice one...

  2. Ha! its a small world. but the show must go on. I think Tomas is a good new owner of my old gal.