2 apr. 2012

Eye See You Sissybar

When I was about 4-5 years old and was playing with my grandpa in his house,all of a sudden he said " wait a few seconds Martin.
He turned around and poped out his porcline eye and put it in his hand and showed me it!
He scared the hell out of me that day.

What 4 year old wanna see his grandpa with his own eye in his hand??

My grandpa is dead since many years now but my grandma still has one of his porcline eyes at home I allway wanted to do somthing with that eye. so my grandpa could follow with me on my rides.

My buddy Le Beef made this sweet sissybar a few years ago for a knucklehead chopper.
I had a plan to let Beef make me a sissy for my chromed chopper. But I had the idea with the eye so I remebered that he had made this one.
I called Nicke svensson, the owner of the knucklehead and he let me buy it!
So now Im gonna replace the eye to my grandpa´s so he can "keep an eye on me" when im riding my bike.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Insaneley cool man! Totally sick, but awesome.

  2. Crazy motherfucker!!! :-)

  3. Yeah,a bit crazy but still honerably cool. Nice Gramps rule.