26 jan. 2012

Ak Miller´s Roadster

Ak Miller a hotrodder born in Denmark 1920 and his family immigrated to usa soon after.

This is a short story how it all begun for AK.

He was 14 years old in 1934:
"We were headed out to Muroc Dry Lake," Ak said. "We were going out there with no trailer, no nothing. Just a chain. You know who was going to drive it? Me. I just sat back there. They just told me to watch the brake because there was no such thing as a tow bar. I had to use the brakes to stop from hitting them. But they didn't drive too fast. And I remember 100-and-some miles in a frozen desert. It was colder than hell."

That wasn't the only seat time 14-year-old Ak got at that meet. Zeke was supposed to drive the roadster but got cold feet at the starting line and asked Ak if he wanted to drive. Ak eagerly lined up with the field, took off, and got the car up to 94 mph."I had really wanted to go 100, but I'm not too sure it would,"

Ak learned speed tricks quickly after that run in 1934. By 1937, he and his friend Wally Parks were founding members of the Road Runners car club (whose ranks would also include Vic Edelbrock Sr. and Jr., Fred Carrillo, Art Chrisman, and Bob and Dick Pierson, to name just a few). Later that year, the Road Runners were among seven clubs that formed the Southern California Timing Association.

Flatheads were the most popular engines among rodders in the pre- and postwar era, but Ak delighted in making speed using just about anything else. He built a number of hot rods in those days using Chevy, Buick, Olds, and Caddy mills.

Check out the front end on his roadster. Picture taken in 1947 and it does NOT have a traditional Ibeam axle. This must have been hightech to drive this one in the 40´s.

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