18 jan. 2012

Panhead Chopper 1972

Here is a really nice swedish built pan chopper from back in the days.

Pictured is Olle Sjölund from Twinclub MC. he built the bike in the early 70´s.

Ingemar Becker painted it with Lollipop spray cans in his mothers laundryroom in 1972!!
The pan won price at hotrod show in Stockholm same year.

3 kommentarer:

  1. SWEETTT! panhead is a dream for me....

  2. Oliver: Then you will buy a panhead some day!
    I really like the pans myself.

  3. I hope so! I just need to work hard! I think à pan is THE engine for à chopper. I Will mostly see à lot when i visit THE jokers show thuis year!