22 jan. 2012

How many 1932 Ford roadsters exist today??

In 1932 they built:
Standard roadster Briggs body With:
4cyl: 948
Deluxe roadster Briggs body with:
V8: 6893
Grand total of ALL 1932 Ford Roadsters mfg. is: 12,080 cars.

The wrecked cars in these pictures is gone, maybe some parts where used on another roadster. But there is still barnfinds out there.

I Do wonder how may of these original mfg. 1932 roadsters still exist????

There is a thread on the H.A.M.B forum about this.

I wanna collect all cars that still exist here in Scandinavia. I Know there is plenty of these here in sweden. maybe 20-30 cars? maybe more? how many in Norway?,Denmark? Finland? let us know!!
If you know about a original roadster that exist send me an email: (FlatheadRoadster@gmail.com) or write here on my blog.

Let us see how many of these we have, and Ill will present the number of existance on the thread on H.A.M.B.

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