19 jan. 2012

Panhead 1949 engine cases

I got my second set of 1949 panhead engine cases today.
This will fit perfect in my chopper project!

Got these from a guy who hade them on his shelf for 30 years. Never welded, no cracks. Matched cases.

Now I just need the rest.
I got a set of oem jugs and heads....or maybe i´ll get a set of shovel heads instead??
I do like the panshovels.

I need a:
all gears
lifter tappets (crome)
camcover 53/54 (crome)
oilpump (crome)
generator (crome)
uppsweeps (crome)

If you got any parts for me, Email me at: FlatheadRoadster@gmail.com

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