24 sep. 2012

Back in Business

Fuck yeah!
Today I got my new camera! This is the replacement for the camera some fucker stole in august at A-Bombers Old Style Weekend.
The retard that stole it: I fucking hate you. You took my pics away from LeBeef 3 year anniversary and OSW.
If I ever find out who you are. Hide.
This camera will not be stolen.

Time is runnig away , tomorrow its 1 week left until I leave Sweden for my trip to US & A.
Now I can document the hole trip with my Canon 5D Mark III And film in HD quality!

Swap meet at hershey, pick up my 1932 roadster in Fort Dodge, New York , tire kickin in LA, Hotrod Reunion in Bakersfield and way more shit to see during the days that may pass by.

Like I said. Im back in business! No more shity smartphone pics.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Don't forget you're also going to be hangin' with Brucie and Zach!!!

  2. ofcourse!! hang out alot with Bruzie and zach!