10 sep. 2012

Rusty HotRod Roadster

Back in the days like 10 years ago, you could find alot of cool stuff on Ebay.

Like this old rusty hotrod.

I wish it could tell the story.
A 1929 roadster body with chopped windshield on a 32 frame.
Look at the original Auburn dash and instrument cluster. 1940 deluxe steering wheel.
I looks like i had a radio once as the antenna is still on the cowl.
I think this was a very nice car back in its haydays.

Does anyone know what happend with this car? Who bought it? I remember it sold on ebay.
Does anyone know what tail lights it has??

Is it under restoration? or is just sitting somewhere?

If anyone knows, send me an email to: Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

or else:

Rust In Peace.

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