17 sep. 2012

My Trailer Queens

Fuck this summer.
The Swedish summer sucks, it rains all the time and I am a poor guy who cant afford to buy a Ford with a roof. Both my cars are open. I get wet all the time.

And both of my flatheads has crashed.
My 40 merc engine in the roadster had its crank cracked in half and I had to borrow a 1936 21 bolt from my brother Ronnie. But I had to trail it back home to Gothenburg.

My 1936 21 bolt flathead in my pheaton got a bearing sound that I dont like on the way home from the Hop Upers swapmeet last weekend. Ended up on a trailer this weekend.

Both my roadster and my Pheaton has been on a trailer this summer.
I dont like it at all.

The only thing that makes it feel better is that Im going to the US & A in 2 weeks to bring home my Henry 32 roadster!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Your kiddin! Right? You must not be that fuckin poor? You got two bad ass fords and you just spent some big bucks shippin a 32 duece clear to Europe. Don't get pissed at me I'm just sayin wtf! dude. Appriciate what ya got!

  2. Hey Jonny, ofcourse im kidding, just messing with the thing that the roadster was the poor mans car when it was new. Like I cant afford to buy a car with a roof. ( I do need a roof as it rains fuckin all the time)

    Im working my as off to afford all these things. My girlfriend is allways mad at me because I spend all my time and money in my garage! This is my life man!