26 aug. 2012

5 boxes of treasure

A couple of days ago I got 5 big boxes filled with old Swedish bike and car magazines!
from 1965 and up!

The first issues of Colorod , Start & Speed , MCnytt , Wheels and so on.
I even got a bunch of early 70´s Easy rider.

It is so cool and just sit and read these old mags and the 5 first magazines I opened I found atleast 6 friends of my!

I even found some articles about my dad in Colorod from 1977!

I owe the guy who gave me these boxes a big thanks.
Thank you Thomas! You are really a good friend!

Now I have plenty of magazines to read in my garage this winther.

3 kommentarer:

  1. what a treasure!!!!
    If you have doubles, let me know!

  2. I want to move to your garage for next winter :-)

  3. Chris: I will et you know when I have gone trough it all!

    Mane: you are welcome to move in at anytime!