9 aug. 2012

Håkans Henry 1932 Roadster

To day my good old friend Håkan came by and showed me his 1932 roadster he just had bought in England!
It has an standard original roadster body.

Ford only maid 1.468 Standard roadsters in 1932.
4cyl: 948

This car has an 39 flathead engine hop uped with NOS eddie mayer heads and highrise intake.

When I met up with håkan I just saw a BIG smile. I can understand how it feels to finnaly find a Henry maid roadster and drive it home!

This is a very sharp locking car. It has only 600km on its tires since it was restored. Brand new brown leather interior, old homemade quickchange rear end dropped heavy Ibeam, 40 brakes. And it is as clean under as it is on the outside.
I have many hours left before my henry roadster is in this condition.

But when it is we gonna take a ride together my friend!

Congratulations and welcome to the family of owners with Henry made roadsters!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ja jävlar vad clean den var under, som fabriksny. "Good old friend"? Gammal är han ju i alla fall, farsgubben min. Haha!

  2. haha ja de stämmer fan! hehe
    Men jävligt fin kärra!