12 aug. 2012

HotRod Weekend

How to spend a perfect weekend.

You take a bunch of good friends and just ride your hotrods where ever you want.
It was clear blue sky both sathurday and sunday.

I got a phone call yester day from sebastian, he and David had been out driving and wondered if I was going for a ride.

I took my girlfriend and my good old friend Johan in my 29/32 pheaton and met up with the guys.

Sebastian was driving his old 30 Ford tudor , a car with a 1937 21 bolt hop uped flathead that hasnt been on the road for a while.

We took of on small roads, just enjoy the weather and stoped by a small lake for a swim.
Even Sebastians dog Linkert tryed the to jump in the water.

we spent the hole day in our hotrods and decided to do the same thing the next day.
Today we found some old dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. Fuckin awsome!

my girl brought a picnic basked filled with bunns and coffie. thats whats y

a perfect weekend!. we have driven over 150 miles/ 240 km during these 2 days.
thats what you need after driving around for a couple of hours.

I hope next weekend will be the same. Lots of driving around ,sunshine, good friends , swimming in lakes.

Today life was good.

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