20 dec. 2011

Ford 1932 aluminum oil pan

I Found this old original 1932 Ford oil pan in Norway a year ago.
It was cracked and very badly welded.
Brought it to my welder, Fjus. He always know how to fix these old aluminum parts.
I cut out the bad parts and let him do the welding. After many hours of welding it was in one piece again.

I do now understand why they only had this aluminum pan 1 year in 1932. it was to week.

But it had been cracked over the starter and was missing its cup to cover the bendix gear.
I was looking in my garage for something to fill the hole. I found an old piston from my 1943 Harley 45, it had its right diameter!
we lathed out the piston and then welded it to the pan. It looked pretty good after it was all done. Recycling Harley parts into Ford!

Then it was hours of grinding before I polish it all up.
Soon it will be mated with my 1936 21 bolt flathead engine with polished 1933 aluminum heads and a Edelbrock sling shot intake!

More to come soon.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, that was incredibly good to be able to repair that right.

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  2. Thank you.
    It took a while to get it back in usefull condition, but it is a original 1932 oilpan. You dont see them everyday.