13 dec. 2011

Nicke Svensson´s longlegged Knucklehead

I was to Eken gassers swapmeet in Stockholm a month ago.
There I met Nicke, the owner of this bitchin Knuckle chopper.
I cant say much about this bike as I am speechless when I see it.
Just take a look at the super narrowed oem springer fork.
It has an old BT TT/hillclimb wico magneto driven where the generator supose to be.
Dual nickleplated linkerts...
So many details everywhere on this bike, you dont even think it´s done.
Fantastic work Nicke!
Im looking forward the hear your knuckle roam when you pass me by.
Take a look at his blog:


Here you will find everything this man is up to!

1 kommentar:

  1. I was really amazed on your motorcycle! it's absolutely fabulous!

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