12 dec. 2011

Garage party at Ringön 2011

My buddies Micke,Martin,Pete,Krax,Pecka and Robert held a awsome garage party this weekend.
Alot of bikers and car people came to get wasted!
They hooked up a old Renault clio with NOS and empty all fluids,fired it up with full throttle let it explode.
We started up their Camaro race car and had a little cacklefest with some motorcycles.
Damn nice party boys!

And btw, WTF happend to Peter Långhårs Girlfriend? A few years ago, she was a pretty girl living a humble life in Bollebygd, now she´s living with a biker hobo ,drinks to much?! and humping people, floors and lick´s on everything her tongue can reach. Damn Linda, I wanna be like you.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You fuckers sure know how to party!

  2. heavy party.... bella roba!!!

  3. Martin C. gave me the wrong directions, so I got lost and couldn't make it. If you see that fat, cross-eyed, retarded bastard kick him ...and tell him to leave my underwear in my grandfather's mailbox!!!!

    Monica D. USA California