14 sep. 2011

Cast Iron - Thickstun Heads - Aluminum

X-mas came early this year. Today I got a big black box in mail with a big note: Heavy.

Inside this package was my newbought Thickstun heads.

As most of my friends know, I have a little thing for Tommy Thickstuns hop up parts.
I have collected a set of Aluminum heads since a few years back - took me 6 years to get a set btw.

The set I got now in my mail was some what I think kind of rare stuff.
I have found meself a pair of cast iron Thickstun heads.
I have never heard anything about Tommy ever maid a cast iron heads ,only aluminum. They say aluminum heads are hard to find, wonder how many sets of cast Iron there is?!

The heads do look alike. Small differences is the cast iron does not have the Los Angeles logo by the water jacket. But they still have the bosses for the head covers.

Could these heads be a test pre cast before Thickstun made his aluminum heads?
If anyone have ever heard or seen anything about these cast iron heads , please email me at FlatheadRoadster@gmail.com
I would like to get any info I can.
Also are you a fan like me of Thickstuns legacy send me a email about your parts!

These cast iron heads will sit on my 28 roadster on deuce frame´s 41 Mercury engine. It allready has a Thickstun PM7 intake and a original air cleaner.

I am looking for a set of original headcovers. Let me know if you got any!

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