21 sep. 2011

Engine turned 1932 Roadster dash

last weekend I picked up some parts I have bought.

Things that gave me goosebumps for real!

I have found and bought the dash from the Doane Spencer car. The dash that where removed when he started to rebuilt his roadster for Carrera Pan America somewhere arround 1950?

This dash is engine turned and cromed filled with backmount gauges.The patina is fantastic!
The only thing I need now to complete the dash exactly as it was, I need to find a oil temp gauge with crecent needle. Does anyone out there got one I can buy, let me know!
The dash in the roadster today have an engine turned insert and painted dash and a set of SW wing gauges.

I have found a picture of the dash in a book , The birth of hot rodding page 98.

In this deal I made with the guy who owned the dash, I got a very nice EDELBROCK block letter slingshot intake and a very nice set of EDELBROCK blockletter heads!
Pics of those things will be for tomorrow!

Klaz, I hail you,thanks for letting me take over these parts after you.

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  1. Grattis
    Jag har ev en NOS Amp mätare om intresse finns.

    Lars B aka Mr 42 på SSRA sidan