11 sep. 2011

Hotrod Brotherhood

After the hop upers swap we gathered the brotherhood of the Swedish westcoast finest hotrods for a ride down to A-bombers member Nick Hendriksson´s garage for some bar-b-q!
we where a mix of roadsters , coupes, tudors and pick ups. Nick let me take his red -30 coupe on deuce rails for a spin, fukkin hell, its plenty of power in his flathead! 160 hp in his engine, 133 hp on his rear wheels! Damn, I need to build a new engine for my roadster this winther.

Little Mercury Mike dreamt away steering on a model a chassie. when do we see you get your own hotrod boy??

2 kommentarer:

  1. Howdy!

    It was a great night in the garage. Thanks for the ride in your roadster.

    See you soon!

    Yer pal

  2. PlanetMotherFuckers12 september 2011 16:09

    Yeah man! we need to do that more often.

    Thank you for the cruz in your roadster!

    Catch ya later bro.