25 jan. 2011

Påls -28 roadster on deuce rails

Visited my old friend Pål in Norway last weekend for a short visit to take a look at his -32/-28 Roadster project. The chassie is all done just need to get rid of the tudor body.
Looks really good. Engine got evans heads , thickstun intake with stromberg 97 on top, mercury 4 inch crank , ported and relived. I hope this beauty will roar this spring.
Looking forward to pass your left side and see you in my rear wiew mirror.
Come on man, get your hotrod done now!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Passing????? :-) I will mount a nice set of Zephyr teardrop lights in the back for you to rest your eyes on ........OK dude, A race it is.

  2. A Race it is dude... wanna bet your pinkslip on it? haha!