1 jan. 2011

Flathead Ford De Luxe steering wheels

Today I tryed different De Luxe steering wheels for my project -29 pheaton on deuce rails. Its hard to decide which one I will use. The plan with my pheaton is not to use any parts newer then 1939. fot the moment the only "new" parts is 1939 brakes , 1937 spindles and 1939 pedal assembly. Everything else is older.

1938 Ford Banjo steering wheel

1937 Ford banjo steering wheel

1935 Ford banjo steering wheel

2 kommentarer:

  1. Let me first tell you that the photos are awesome. You have the eye for good photos.

    I love these steering wheels but I am afraid I might put them on my room rather than use them :)

  2. Thanks Jayred!

    These steering wheels must be used! , better be in a car instead so everyone else can see them to.